Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some Autumn piccies... only the Mulberry trees are losing leaves yet...but even though the days are still warm, the nights are just beautiful. I am an open window freak, can't stand being shut in no matter how cold - there is nothing like the smell of the night time air to make you realise what a beautiful world it can be.

I may have posted these plants before who can tell - but these are Don's Blue Ginger plants. We bought them years ago at a nursery in Wauchope, and remembered to bring a few bits with us when we moved here in 2004...we will have been here 6 years in 2 weeks. Its amazing but while these are in flower you hear a constant buzzing. The bees just get inside to the pollen and go beresk and come our laden with pollen.
After seeing Sling's amazing photos my camera doesn't seem so clear and quick...

The two little visitors which Sara identified kept popping their heads up at me like two naughty kids..I'll have to go back in my blog to get their names - so for now they are some sort of Finch...I couldn't et any closer as they were really aware of me and ready to fly.

And down the bottom is one of the all time and very common Rainbow Lorikeets - they mass about, mess about and are really garrulous - you can usually get closer than this to them but they seemed particularly watchful ...

Its St Patrick's day today so will have to find something Irish to post.

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