Thursday, September 17, 2009

Enough Bush Tucker for even the most fastidious cat - ME!!!

After the incident with the cat - Its all happening here folks! - I was outside talking with my daughter on the walk around phone and spotted this big weed in the rose garden. Rather than walk around the other side of the fence I decided to stick my arm through the railings to pull It out.

I got stuck! I wiggled and twisted but couldn't get my arm out - lucky I was talking with Alison - I said "Don
't hang up or anything - I might be stuck here." Then it occurred to me that had this same thing happened to me minus the phone connection, I might be stuck here for days before anyone visited..."Woman (middle aged - to lessen my importance) found with arm stuck in fence, dead - face eaten off by cats and covered in snake bites..."

I wiggled about some more and realised i was really stuck - down on my hands - no make that hand and knees - talking with Alison - for some reason i started to laugh - I am someone who would laugh like this at my own execution - seeing from outside the situation - once i start laughing like this i am bloody useless.

So I looked abo
ut me and thought I might be looking at this view - up the verandah and down the verandah for some time...

After a while in which I panicked - I finally relaxed and then with Alison egging me on had another go - twisted very painfully and FREE at last... still very sore and worse for wear but hey...
How easy a normal day can end up being something a night spent on the cement hoping someone would come - knowing they wouldn't and that it would be at least 24 hrs before anyone thought to even enquire...

Silly old chooken... I am sitting pretty now with a glass of De Bertolli's (no not the same as we gave to the Pope..Il papa) cask Columbard Chardonnay - and happy to be doing so could have been so different.
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FoxyMoron said...

Oh God you silly old chook, now I know you got out I am laughing too.

IGA had the casks for $14.99, they usually charge $21.

Hope your arm's okay.

And we're NOT middle aged, okay?

And the word for today is "ofskiner"

Andrew said...

And the more you giggled like a little girl, the more your arm swelled. What an inglorious obituary should the worst have happened, but what an amusing one.

Anne said...

You are a bit of a worry! Pleased you "escaped".

Also had to grin at your cat's bib! Something maybe we need here, our cats are bringing birds up to the doorstep for us, not nice!

Jules said...

LOL, that was a hilarious story T.

I remember getting stuck in the bath when I was very pregnant with my first, lived alone at the time and I was sure I was going to freeze to death before anyone came to check on me. I ended up letting all the water out and rolling onto my front and getting out that way, I too had the thoughts of what the newspaper headlines would say.

Middle Child said...

Foxy Moron - I didn't even think about getting stuck - and yes am a silly old chook - happy to admit it

Andrew - I have a feeling that when i go it will make others laugh - now thats a laugh

Anne - and all I was trying to do was weed the garden

Jules - I can picture that and have to laugh

Mom said...

Oh my, if i weren't laughing so hard I would say i am sorry. I am glad you had a happy ending to your story. My advice is always carry a phone with you wherever you go and leave those weeds alone.

Cazzie!!! said...

Could have been but it wasn't and well, it was meant to go down that way Therese... Thank the Gummy Mary for Allison...hahha, I am laughing too now.
Bloody weeds!

JahTeh said...

Therese, thank you, now I know there's someone more clumsy than me. Was this before or after the opening of the cask?

Middle Child said...

Mom...will leave those weeds alone

Cazzie - I would have gotten free myself sooner had I been able to stop laughing as well

Jahteh - i can not tell a lie..the cask was open - always - but nary a drop had been poured - I usually wait till dark time...which considering my predicament is a safe thing to do

rosemary said...

i had to chuckle.....I did the same thing once and freaked....luckily Steve bailed me out from the deck rail. as for that cat bib...we have a feral cat living in the pole would take a major operation to trap and bib her, but it might be worth the effort....we could get her fixed at the same time.