Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not good news

I took Thorn to the vet yesterday... thinking that his main problem was the massive lump he has grown on his shoulder...

although this is now inhibiting his barking his lungs... etc and is a health issue, he seems to be handling this okay.

I had noticed that he was walking differently, as if his back legs were robotic... sort of uncoordinated... I had mentioned to the vet previously that he was holding his tail in a strange way (for him).

Turns out that there is a bloody growth which is interfering with his back legs neurologically. Something is growing against the spinal cord and has progressed noticeably since Christmas.

He is in no pain, but will become more uncertain as to where to put his legs, as the grown increases.

The vet said in time I will have to help him stand and he will begin to prefer to lie down as much as possible. He said it doesn't appear that there is pain involved. One day his back legs will be paralysed. He was not optimistic about the time frame.

Bloody hell... this time it was our old cat who was becoming ill, she ended up paralysed and had to let her go.

Thorn has taken to following me seems unhappy if I am not there, or if someone is not there. But other than that we have some really long sessions where he just lays his big old head on me and we just enjoy.

I was so dreadfully upset yesterday on top of other things... today I will begin to do what I must to make him feel secure and cared for.

I have grown to depend on him for company. He's easier than humans and makes much more sense. Its funny, when you lose someone, some part of you thinks that there is a tally being kept and a being says Okay, thats her fair share" but in life I have learnt it doesn't work like that.

Often when someone dies or is injured, you seem to be hit with a multiple of things, and some people seem to sail through life with almost nothing terrible till towards the end...whereas some families have awful things happen, and then more awful things happen...

We are somewhere in the middle of the two extremes... which is fair enough I suppose.


Sling said...

dammit MC,I'm so sorry to hear this.Is there nothing the vet can do?

Nina said...

I'm sorry to hear this, MC. You and Thorn sound like fine companions.

Middle Child said...

Sling... thanks... but no, where it is would mean injuring the spine, with the same result as what will happen later on. All I hope for is that somehow his immune system kicks in, maybe tlc will help...and just delays it. I am sure dogs are woser than we and live in the present, not imagining and wondering.. they just are. So as long as he has no pain, and I am here, heill be okay. Can't think too far beyond that.

Middle Child said...

Nina - we are fine companions. What a nice term. I live on four acres out of town, and how I often I walk about not even realising he is dogging ( of course) my every footstep. Where would the human race be without the unconditional love of out dogs? And cats but they are themselves...like cats too...both.

Jules said...

Awww, Thorny!!

It is easy to put your world in the bigger mix and say I'm in the middle, life is fair in the bigger scheme of things etc

But, when you are going through the day to days of your own life it is hard to imagine the plight of others and much easier to focus on your own, and why the hell shouldn't you??

Enjoy your time, he will love you for it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Huggs to you and dear old Thorn..I know how much he is a part of you.

Citymouse said...

Mc-- i am so so sorry

Ann O'Dyne said...

1. Get a second opinion.

2. much love from me to you both.

JahTeh said...

This is why I can't bring myself to have another pet. My last dog went blind and I would take him for walks jingling a bell so he would know where I was.

Middle Child said...

Jules... thanks... he's such a dear old doggie.
Cazzie...thanks to you... thorn does love the ladies big time
CM...again thanks
ann o'dyne...second opinion booked in for this coming week... thanks for the suggestion
jahteh... they get right into your being and their lives are so short.

mirk said...

All I can say is.. bloody hell!!:(

I know exactaly what you are talking about!

And such a gid lookin wee dug.

more cowbell said...

Oh no. I have read past posts about Thorn, but haven't been by in a while, and was very sad to find this news. Dammit. That's hard, and yes, it sure does seem like there should be a quota on that, right?

Its funny, when you lose someone, some part of you thinks that there is a tally being kept and a being says Okay, thats her fair share" but in life I have learnt it doesn't work like that True words.

Good thoughts to the old man-pup, and to you as well.