Friday, January 04, 2008

Every year since the kids were little

we have taken a family photo of us four... usually use a tripod or if someone happens to be about, we use them. For all this time Don has always been our centre prop and the girls would always get around him, I'd set the photos up and run to the vacant spot.
We'd switch positions sometimes and half the fun was them expecting me to trip over the tripod leg and go sprawling... but I never did...maybe one day folks.
(Christmas day photo)

It was funny...this year when I set the timer and ran... we got all confused as to where we were all to be... and we all realised it at the same time... laughter... and for the moment it was like old times with all its silliness. We muddled through and as humans do, we maintained the things which meant something to us in spite of reality... and although it was sad it was also funny... maybe next year there will be the pitter patter of little feet or at least a baby bump to add to the photos...

(our Boxing day Photo)


Jules said...

I love that you have so many traditions and that you stick by them no matter where the chips may lie.

Love your family, have to say it every post lately!!

Citymouse said...

as you know we always do a christmas picture too. It was hard for us, with the Swiss son being back in Switzerland-- but not even close it how it must be for you and your family. Don would love the picture!

Sling said...

I can't help it MC..I just love pictures of beautiful women!

Middle Child said...

Jules it helpd to out the ground back under your feet even if I am aware its illusion.
Citymouse thanks. Hope his being far away becomes easier to handle soon.
Sling...thanks, you ol' charmer you.