Friday, January 25, 2008

Creedence Clearwater Revival... AHHHH!
We lived in the best of times… for sure… just listen to John Fogerty’s voice…sorry haven’t worked out how to post You Tubes as a unit… just click on the, links… the first one is just wonderful… AHHHH takes me back to something so wonderful, to a time far away, to a sunshine that felt so golden.


Sling said...

1)To the right of the YouTube video,you will see an "Embed" code..Copy that.

2)Sart a "New Post"..
You will see two tabs in the top right corner of where you type your post.
Click on "Edit HTML"

3)Paste the embed code in the posting area.

4) Click on the "Compose" tab,and you should see a blank box with a red "X" in the top left corner..Don't worry,you've done it successfully!
You can add verbiage as you like.
You won't see the actual video until you press "Publish"

I really hope this has been helpful MC. :)

Middle Child said...

Sling thank you. Sara did tell me about this previously, but in the piles of papers I lost it... I'll have a go now...

Cazzie!!! said...

My favourite band! I listen to their tape back to front every single day at home...Suzie Q is my fav song of theirs!

Middle Child said...

Caz... you have the very best taste