Saturday, April 08, 2006

This is for Edy. She raised the issue of how the colour of a wig (or haircolour affected , -mainly men's perceprions of women) Here are four photos of our daughter - one with brown, one with dark brown, one with black and one with blonde. Each photo creates a different image.

She felt blonde made men treat her sweeter, and more kindly...whatever??? That the darker shades meant she received different treatment...maybe more intelligient, but less sweet.

But reality was that it was just the colour of dye from the bottle which made her look different. The same person was behind the hair.

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cs said...

Would the real daughter please stand up!
Ke sera sera, until the next color change! :) fun huh?

Edy said...

first of all, there isn't a bad colour for that one. She is sooo beautiful. But, yes, I perceive her very differently in each photo. I'd hire the first for her intelligence, be slightly afaid of the second, change the tire for the third, and would want my son to marry the fourth.

Diane S. said...

Your daughter is very beautiful. I think I prefer her in the fourth picture, but I'm very pro-choice, even in matters of hair.

A natural blonde, I was a red-head for about three years. I found that I got very different (and actually more) attention as a red-head than as a blonde. Oddly, I also found myself suddenly getting a lot of attention from Hispanic males, a group which had never paid me much attention to me as a blonde. I'd still be a red-head if my hair could handle that much processing. But alas, it's baby-fine and delicate, and cannot.

Hair, and people's reactions to it, is a great mystery.

charlie said...

There have been many studies done to illustrate that the way people dress and groom themselves affects they way they interact with others. Thus, wearing a uniform even under test conditions makes people behave as though they were actually doing the job that the uniform describes. It's the same with hairstyles and hair colour. People dye their hair or whatever in order to present themselves in a certain image. So, those who think that 'gentlemen prefer blondes' will role-play into that perception once they have dyed their hair blonde. This, in turn, provokes the expected reaction from 'gentlemen' and there you have it: a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The other side of the coin is that the 'gentlemen' have been taught that they SHOULD and WILL prefer blondes (or redheads in diane's case where Hispanic gentlemen are concerned) and so they behave accordingly.

Pavlov's dogs, one and all.

Me, I prefer nice people and discovered early on in life that all cats are grey in the dark :o)


Kim said...

Wow! She's beautiful! I love these pictures. I have to admit, she is stunning as a blonde--so ethereal looking. But she's lovely in all four.

Sara said...

Seriously, she's gorgeous in all of them! Wow!

Amy said...

lovely girl! no matter what color her hair is... !! really MC... both your daughters are lovely.

Brownie said...

yes amy, that's what I was going to say.
Whatever the colour, she is beautiful.