Friday, April 21, 2006

The land of the free

Please tell me that this is a comedy show... A middle aged Chinese woman is arrested in Washington when she excercised her free speech in front of President Bush and Chinese President. Shortly after this Bush urged the Chinese President to allow more free speech in China...Duuhhh Worth a look and worth a laugh more importantly. They turned off the sound (and picture unsure about this when it was televised in China) now everyone will want a copy.


Anonymous said...

The biggest crime anybody can commit is to embarrass those in positions of power. T'would be better for them to boil babies than do that.

Allan said...

No, it's not a joke- wish that it were.
Just finished reading yer blog- like many bloggers , you seem to using blog as a positive way to cope with life's trials.
Having such a marvelous view (the post above) must be a wonderful tonic for the spirit. Thanks for sharing it.