Saturday, April 22, 2006

Some of my sisters. The one on the right Veronica is the oldest. There is one in between her and I but she won't speak to me so she didn't turn up... then there's me, then Joanie then jackie (Anne) . Veronica is a bit of a 'kidder' and reaches for inappropriate places when photos arer being taken we reckon to make sure she always looks the best... no body area is safe from veronica, Attilla of the hens... she who must be obeyed...the littlest of us all but SCARRYYYY!

Joanie copped it this time and luckily she seemed to forget I was so close, but if pinched twisted or slapped i do tend to retaliate unlike the others who are in her thrall.

Shame about the sister who won't come...although there were interesting times, I think Mum would appreciate us all looking so olde worlde and reaching the age she was when she died and when thought we knew everything. Now we know we don't...some of us anyway!

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Anonymous said...

"Sister, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters...!"