Thursday, April 06, 2006

James Galway and the Chieftans

Wrote this some time back after a concert  down in Sydney. Cd’s are great but seeing the real thing has no measure.

On Seeing
James Galway and The Chieftains.
Sometimes my heart feels like its broken, open, needing healing. Perhaps as someone once said, “this is how light gets in”. A broken heart could remain shut,
solidify and become almost without hope. Or a broken heart could hurt so much,
as to split open calling to all the light in the universe its distress.

Sometimes my heart breaks in little bits, like when I hold my children in sleep or when I hear music of such purity as to open my heart. This sort of breakage is much welcomed. Sometimes beauty leaves me untouched and then I know I’m in trouble. My heart is in danger of becoming a little rigid. Solid... unyielding.

My heart broke open the other night... peeled back like layers of a rose and let so much light in, so much insight and love that I think the rose of my heart
will be open for a long time.

This time it was music and I see the value of our honouring and fearing the bard and the minstrel. They have the power to open rigid hearts, to turn them out, raw and seeking; filling them with light...or darkness depending on the music.

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Edy said...

i am sooooo envious! glad you got the experience!