Sunday, February 05, 2012

A wonderful send off last year...
 I just came  across these lovely photos taken late November 2011. A group I belong to which fights for farmers (and everyone's property rights held a get together for me before I left Port Macquarie. It was the best day. It was at a place called Kindee which is 40kms west of where I used to live, and reminded me of the beautiful green hilly country around Byron Bay. We had a wonderful BBQ - a really long walk down to the head of the Hastings River and then people started pulling our guitars and singing. It was so unexpected. Also unexpected was a German lady I know who started singing Irish songs...the man playing in the photo sang Australian songs from the countryside and one was a love song - I lasted one verse and had to leave the room. Later he said to me "I always get one with that song"

It was a very beautiful day and one of those days I shall always remember. Its quite likely I shall not see all of those people again, but they made me so happy that day and although I had only known most of them for a year through the group, they were kinder to me than many - sometimes strangers well met can become friends even if for only a short time.

Yet was not enough for me to want to stay. I love it here, I know I don't have the beautiful views and all of that but for me it is the people I love who are most important. All else follows. The couple who lived at this place lived amongst the most amazing beauty I have ever seen and although they constantly chipped at each other you could see how much they loved each other...It was touchable. 

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Andrew said...

It's nice that they made you welcome. Sometimes you do things for people when you know you will never see them again and nor will there be any reward. It makes good people.