Sunday, February 05, 2012

Alison and Andrew have discovered "Webber Cooking" When they finally got it put together - we had a long wait till the food actually cooked - although he has it figured out by now. In their rented place there is no backyard shade so he donned the Big hat and we stayed mostly inside - the yard is sparse and comfertless. But finally Andrew produced the nicest roast I have had in years...he is now Master of the Webber. I am going to like being close to one of our girls - wish it could be possible to be near both of them...Its strange after all the years apart to see them regularly.        : )
Ali and Andrew putting the monster together on a very hot day.

SOOOOOO hungry
Looks like fun in the almost 40 degrees hot summer sun!!!!
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FoxyMoron said...

Mum had a Webber kettle and they did the Christmas turkey on it one year and it turned out pretty good by all accounts.
So glad you're enjoying seeing more of Ali. Perhaps you could talk Melissa and her hubby into moving to Melbourne? :)