Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In our old backyard so many years ago
Anne, Mum, Veronica and I 1971 in our backyard in Aberdeen NSW
1971 to be precise. I may have posted this a few years ago - its hard to remember - have been posting since 2005. I just came across this today. Our mum is 2nd from right. She is only 44. its two years after our Dad was killed and she was going through really hard times emotionally and financially. She was always happy towards us but I now know what her alone times were like. There was no help in those days for grief and struggle like hers. Anne the youngest is to her left. Veronica on her left and I am on the right. I was 17 and had just left home. I even remember clearly the pattern and colours on the little quilt we were sitting upon. There was nothing my sisters and I thought we didn't know in our late teens...but what a lot we had to learn only to find myself now 14 years older than my mum was in this photo... we are so very lucky to have the few black and white photos we have ...I rather doubt memories would be so very clear without them. Mum was always the Mother but as well as that she was a best friend and the link still remains all these long years since her death in 1993. Just a memory is all.

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FoxyMoron said...

I love it when you post these photos and talk about them and theh times they were taken in.
Why do our parents look so much older than we see/saw ourselves at the same age? Is it because their lives were harder?

Mom said...

Old photos are such treasures because of all the memories they bring to us.