Wednesday, September 28, 2011

 Forget any prejudices about Country and Western - I love this - hear it almost every morning about 5am on the radio - there is an Australian Movie with this in it called "Prime Movers" which I am trying to track down - have learnt something with age - not to be snobbish about music - if it makes you laugh, stirs you in any way what soever, be it Mozart, Lennon, Neil young, Melanie Safka, Mick Dagger, Johnny Cash or Louis Armstrong - if it touches you its good n matter what others may think - this makes me smile because believe it true love is like this full of negatives which if endured long enough become positives...thats what i think any way.

I loved this one

and this one

Take it as just fun - made me smile for some reason..old hick that I am


FoxyMoron said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with good country music (they don't call it country and western anymore Therese!) ;)
I know this song well, it's a good one isn't it?
Have you ever heard the one that is something like "I'm the King of This House (till she gets home)"? That's a giggle too.

Anonymous said...

I am a big Country music fan dear T.

video here for Prime Mover, not a film to recommend for anyone who has lived through the trauma of a vehicle crashing into their house though.

It was written by the guy who wrote Dirty Deeds, another great Aussie film.
X X ann o'dyne

Shrinky said...

I loved this, but um, don't hold too much store by what I like, you're looking at a self-confessed huge Johnny Cash fan, too (blush)..