Saturday, November 13, 2010

Local Gossip

At first I was shattered when I realised what was being said about me – then I got over that and got angry – hence this letter to our local paper – I had just spent another day on the street with my stand trying to advertise my book (needs must) was sick from flu and then to hear on more than one occasion what some were saying and thinking really rocked me..On that day my youngest rang I said to her, “I feel as if I don’t have any pride left” She said “Thats so not true mum – you are very proud and thats why you are doing this – we are all very proud of you.” All I needed, but am still amazed at the ignorance out there.

Dear Editor,
First I would like to thank Mr Andrew Stoner Member for Oxley and Leader of the NSW Nationals and Mrs Leslie Williams National Party Candidate for the Seat of Port Macquarie for their invaluable help in helping me launch my book “Without Due Care” – first in NSW Parliament house Sydney and second in the Hastings. Nothing was too much for them and I am grateful for this.

Second, I would like to address some untrue and hurtful rumours circulating locally about my “motives” in writing the story of my husband’s hospital treatment and subsequent death.

The insinuation that I wrote my book to make a lot of money is not only highly offensive it is a lie. I will never recover the financial outlay I chose to spend in the three and a half year fight for justice culminating in “Without Due Care”. I have given away more copies of the book than I have sold, so important do I consider the story it tells.

The thoughtless gossip that I am suing anybody, or will ever is a lie. In suing, once settlement is reached one must agree to a confidentiality clause meaning I would never be able to expose what was done to Don.

The suggestion that I wrote “Without Due Care” to make myself feel better as some sort of “psycho babble therapy” is ludicrous. Having to edit and re edit dozens of times was not therapy, considering the nature of what was written.

And lastly the cruel inference that my husband Don would not approve of my writing about his suffering shows lack of insight into his personality. His ethic was always to do the right thing because it was the right thing to do - something I have tried to live up to. I have total family support in what I have done.

What drives some people to such small minded and ill informed gossip? Thankfully they are a minority and I am grateful for the amazing support from my community. Those who assume they know the truth could read my book, available in the library and become informed rather than remain ignorant.
Yours sincerely


FoxyMoron said...

I cannot believe this Therese, what a load of utter shit. I am furious, who are these people?
I was proud to give your book to our local library and proud to tell everyone I know about it.
I have never met you, or Don, but I know enough of you to know that you did this out of love and outrage at how Don was treated.
Small minded, small town mentality.
You are an inspiration to me, and I'm sure, to many others who have got to know you through your blog.

Random Thinker said...

Therese - the world is filled with simple minded people who fill their days with idle stupid chatter. Truth means nothing to them and the fact that it hurts somebody is inconsequential to them. We all know different from watching you go through this difficult process and if these gossip mongers had spent even one ounce of energy to think about it they would have known better. Screw em.

JahTeh said...

Therese, why did I immediately think 'her sisters'? I haven't asked for a book because I think you need the money and you deserve it for the time and effort you've put in. You wouldn't have made it without Don's protection and encouragement woven around you.

Middle Child said...

Jahteh I offered them free to my blog mates - you are one and my offer is genuine email me and I will send you a copy

Shrinky said...

Oh Therese, there will always be small minded, sour and twisted hater's out there, who lead worthless, sad and empty lives, and whose only pleasure is to try to pull down anyone who achieves anything of value. Thankfully, they are in the minority, and anyone sane pays them no heed. ((Hugs)) You do not need to justify your motives for writing this painful account of Don's experience - they are loud and clear, and completely altruistic. You rock girl, hold that head high!

Cazzie!!! said...

Therese, I have a saying "You cannot help dumb" It seems so in this case.
I feel I know you so well, you are wonderful, courageous, loyal and loving and there is not a thing you would not do for your family or friends.. that is what being a friend is all about, that is what being a wonderful mother and wife is all about.
Some people have nothing better to do than get on their high horse and speak crap.. just as they are right there. You are better than that and do not need to worry about what they say.
You havs my support and that of my family. I love you my friend!

Middle Child said...

Shrinky - thanks for that - usually it doesn't get to me but I was feeling a bit low that time

Cazzie - Thanks for this -