Saturday, October 30, 2010

This was on Sydney's Channel Nine News last night -
its only short but all this helps get the word out there


FoxyMoron said...

We saw it on the nine news last night, I wrongly thought it was ten (I watch both).
Did you get my snail mail???

Anne said...

Thanks for the link. Also thanks for the book, I'm in fuzzy brain mode and haven't checked if the bank card worked?? Please let me know. I haven't started the book yet, (not ready to read yet and I know you will understand) but my SIL is reading the book right now. I felt so proud when it arrived that you perservered and that Don's story is in black and white.

Middle Child said...

Foxymoron got your snail mail and a receipt is on its way back to you - thank you
Anne I couldn't get the bank to doo it for me - you must need to be a business or something - no hurry at all

Shrinky said...

How wonderful to hear your voice, and see you "in the flesh", though I wish it were under a different circumstance. I have personal experience of contracting a super bug from a minor proceedure in hospital - I ended up bed ridden for three months, high as a kite on pain killers, and with damage to my liver from the potent antibiotics I had to take. My flesh turned black and I needed skin grafts, leaving me horribly scarred. However, I know I am lucky compared to how much worse it might have been.

Well done you, for putting a public voice to this scandal.