Friday, October 29, 2010

This was from the Port Macquarie Launch which went really well. The Sydney Launch was just as good but no media reported even though they turned up. Channel ten filmed the whole launch and then spoke to us for some time outside and told the publicity person that they were "committed". Seems a Media statement from the Health department was sent out - not to worry.

Tomorrow I will be on a stall in the main shopping centre which should be teeming with people from everywhere as he big tri athelon is on here the next day.

I will get back here with some photos taken of the Launch and catch up once things settle down - more important I sell some books to get the word out. My offer for any of you is a freebie if you like. Just send to
click on it to make it legible - its a wierd photo of us...maybe the rest were worse
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FoxyMoron said...

You did a great job with the book Therese, hope we can all help spread the word.

Middle Child said...

That would be so good - I am exhausted...spent the whole day in our local shopping centre with my stand selling the book and giving out leaflets - I don't handle waves of people at the best of times - we have a big triathelon on and there were huge groups of bikeriders in funny lycra - and they were not interested much - it was mainly the elderly, those with some disability or mothers who took the timem to talk - I felt pretty low when i packed up this afternoon - just from being amongst so many people