Friday, June 04, 2010

Stratospheric Aerosol Geo engineering

Over my place they have been spraying since 2005 - I see them often - all going in different directions - lasting for hours spreading out over the sky...when I get a sore throat as I have today - almost without exception I can go outside and if there is no real cloud cover I will see these trails... sometimes walking down the street there are many above our heads and almost without exception no one looks up...I just can't understand how they have forgotten what a normal deep blue sky looks like.

When you see a normal contrail coming from a jet it sits for only a short while and then disappears - it does not spread out all over the sky, joining up with the others and slowly making what was a clear blue sky, appear gloomy and shadowy.

The US Government now admit what these trails are and claim they are to control global its no theory any more. nobody asked me if I wanted to breathe, drink and eat this shit that someone else has decided is for "the greater good for all" forgive me if I want to vomit the next time I hear that statement...that was what Lenin, Mao, Hitler were always on about - "the greater good for all". The thought of drinking in my tank water Aluminium and barium which they admit they are introducing makes me angry...we are warned about using aluminium cookware...and barium just can not be good for you.

I hope I don't lose too many bloggers here, but when you do notice the white stripes which go from horizon to horizon..(some bloody contrails they are)...and if you notice there are multiples - just look up from time to time over the next hour and watch what happens to them...and after that i swear you will never miss seeing them again. What they are, or why they are there is up to you - but even the authorities admit they are there now.

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