Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Some "Activities"
On the first day we went back to where my old house was...a bit sad, but okay because my sister remembered as well so didn't have to pretend. Here she is with some plants I planted years ago which have multiplied...
not quite stealing...I planted them remember!
Behind her is where the old white house used to stand and the bush has taken over so its almost impenetrable...I pointed out to her all the the concrete slab where the garages stood...the big tree near the front door... the old fence where the cubby house stood...we lived there from 1985 till March 2004. The girls grew up here - Don was well here reasonably - we had hordes for Christmases...our house rang with young voices...and here is the lesson...nothing is permanent but the love of people for each other. The house is now on the side of a hill about 200kms away, with a family of six in it should be - it needed kids that house...the land was never developed and so in the warm climate we have nature did what it does best - took over...its a wildlife paradise where once we ate breakfast - sorta sad..but sorta right as well...lessons learned for me.
And in my home now here I am getting down the sweet Mandarins off the tree...They are so sweet and amazing when just eaten straight from the tree. We have a Lemon, Lime, Plum and other trees - Bananas and other such as grapefruits which i can't stand... need the first frost before all the citrus stuff is at is best...

Had to give the finger to my sister - she hopped out beyond a Rock and my hair was a real mess...that deserves a finger I reckon

and there she goes like a bandicoot...up the first of about 10 similliar if she was siling legs are still sooooo sore...but will do some of this again soon as I enjoyed the walk...but NOT SO MUCH VERONICA

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Andrew said...

Plums can grow there? Surprising.

FoxyMoron said...

Ah, so the citrus has to wait for the first frost?

Lovely memories of where you mostly raised your girls.

Middle Child said...

Andrew - some years plums grow - some years not

Foxymoron - you should taste the mandarins they are to die for