Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Here is a real treat for you all
This is a real Northern Territory version of Waltzing Matilda sung in a local dialect by Ali mills...the "Baa' was the first thing I heard this morning when I turned on the Grant Goldman talkback early this morning - haven't stopped smiling since - all Aussies will know the words - and why this is funny - but you "foreign type" folk might have to have it translated...its a real hoot


Mom said...

I love it.

Anne said...

Well done - but translation needed!

Love the confirmation photo, I think your mum used the same hairdresser for you girls as my mum!

Anne said...

Have you ever had a song stick in your head! Just had to let you know this one has and it won't go!

Sling said...

Fabulous!..I didn't understand a word. :)

Middle Child said...

I just found out today that iots not a local dialect - she was interviewed on radio and its pidgenEnglish as is spoken in Papua new Guines and be many Territorian aboriginal people, tiwi islanders and the like. When I was at school there were two cousins from Papua new guinea there and one day they had a fight and broke out into pidgin english - the song easier for us Aussies to understand is now even easier because of remembering how these girls used the language which really is a language these days.
this is the version of pigin thet this woman used called Kriol