Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An update on my cat who I know now is called Cuss Cuss
(not Cous Cous) very important.
As the weather cools she is brilliant at finding the sun. I have a row of about 12 photos on this shelf and daily she picks her wa
y up there and never disturbs one. She seems to like to nudge the bottom of a sun catching wind chime we have there...Alison gave it to don some time back. She is the sweetest cat...with enough of the devil cat to make her interesting and unpredictable.

Having another living creature (apart from the huge rats which come up from the creek) in the house makes such a difference. You know they are there and come together when you feel like it.

I will always miss the wonderfully handsome doggie Thorn, and one day when I feel the need will find another Kelpie...but I have been coming and going too much to do justice to a doggie. cats are more independent and I like that as well.

Its been raining for ages now...almost daily...the ground can't take will stop one day no doubt...but I feel like I am living amongst greens as green as any in Ireland.

Its amazingly beautiful hereabouts right now...the cows seem to like the rain...I know the ducks do. frogs all about...kangaroos becoming tamer...I love it.

A bit lonely, but not for people really, just for what was.

My youngest had to have a biopsy done after a large lump was found in her breast recently. I haven't really been focused on much at all since then. We find out on Friday that it is will be because I asked for this as i walked down the path...this is my praying place...and as mentioned i can ask out loud and in my own language...and no neighbours to see.

She has had such a struggle to regain health, for almost all her 20' please hold my lovely one in your thoughts. So much of her young years just battling to have some sort of life...and in the past few years it has begun to turn around for her...she has put a huge effort into her own condition. very pragmatic and brave, she says not to worry and so I won't worry her...but inside my heart, I can't help be terribly frightened and have to hope that the luck in our family has turned.

I know it doesn't work like this, i know because bad things have happened it doesn't protect you from other bad things... I know life is not fair and i accept that god does not do this stuff...we live in a sea for people exercising free will and thats what makes good and bad things happen.

I know that what is important is how we act inside events which overwhelm just hoping for the best news possible on Friday.

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Ann ODyne said...

All will be well.
I am so sorry she has had the stress of the thing though.

Cats are Goddesses protecting Faerie Girls and all will be well.

FoxyMoron said...

Oh Therese, I am sending my most positive thoughts and even prayers (my own brand) your way and to Alison. Gosh hasn't she been through enough already?

Blogger is playing up and updated blogs don't seem to be showing up on my sidebar. I will have to check each one and I will

But the green sounds lovely around you and must give you hope for the future. I hope it does anyway.

Look forward to hearing good news come Friday.

Love Cuss Cuss!!

Andrew said...

Good luck for your daughter. Are the rats native rats?

Random Thinker said...

Good thoughts coming your way. Hug your daughter for me when you get the good news.

Middle Child said...

Thank you all...the results are in and the lump which was 3/4" in benign...ahhh what a relief...can't tell you how happy I am tonight.

rosemary said...

Whew....good news. You know how I feel about my cats....if i am sad or crying, Emma comforts me...if I am angry all Guido has to do is give me a kiss and I calm down.

Sara said...

Oh whew, good news indeed! I met a girl last night, btw, that looked just like her. Nice girl, too. Real life, intercontinental doppelgangers, for sure!

Middle Child said...

Rosemary...I couldn't be without some sort of animal in the house...apart from the rats.

Sara I think we all have doubles and more than one...just hope they aren't on a terrorist watch list.

Andrew...these are huge and some are native, but some are just plain old rats...