Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Mother's mandated Mental health Test just passed in the US

Roll on 1984...I would never pass the sorts of tests the seat shining boffins who have nothing better to do but to sticky beak into our private lives would devise. Baring emotional or physical abuse no one has the right to take our children away from us...but in the US now, they can unless you pass one of their the links and if this pisses you off be loud about it...this sort of poison will flow out to the rest of the world if allowed to become the way to go in the US.

HR20-New Mother's Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE!
antilib Yesterday at 2:17 am
A sweeping government policy for all new births in the United States has just passed the House of Representatives and is now headed to the Senate. The Mother's Act, if passed, will mandate that all new mothers be screened by means of a list of subjective questions that will determine if each mother is mentally fit to take their newborn home from the hospital. Just imagine that after your child is born, you are told that you can't take them home since a multiple choice questionnaire wasn't answered correctly. Just imagine being told that the only way you can take your child home is if you or your spouse goes into treatment or on anti-depressants which we know causes psychosis, delusions, and even homocidal thoughts. It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, this bill is on a fast track--No public debate, no public disclosure of the broad impact on our society and that is why we need you to act now!The Mother's Act violates our Constitutional right to privacy and your right to liberty and it is just outright dangerous. That is why we need you to help stop this. We urgently need you to call and email each Senator on the HELP Committee and tell them you STRONGLY OPPOSE the MOTHER'S ACT and that you are OUTRAGED that there was NO public debate or disclosure on the impact this would have on our society as a whole.Send a letter by going here:
Please call the following Senators on the HELP Committee and tell them that you want the Mother's Act to die in committee.Lisa Murkowski, R: 202-224-6665, AKJohn McCain, R: 202-224-2235, AZChristopher Dodd, D: 202-224-2823, CTJohnny Isakson, R: 202-224-3643, GATom Harkin, D: 202-224-3254, IAPat Roberts, R: 202-224-4774, KSEdward Kennedy D: 202-224-4543, MABarbara Mikulski D: 202-224-4654, MDRichard Burr, R: 202-224-3154, NCKay Hagan, D: 202-224-6342, NCJudd Gregg, R: 202-224-3324, NHJeff Bingaman, D: 202-224-5521, NMSherrod Brown, D 202-224-2315, OHTom Coburn, R 202-224-5754, OKJeff Merkley, D 202-224-3753, ORBob Casey, D 202-224-6324, PAJack Reed, D 202-224-4642, RILamar Alexander R 202-224-4944, TNOrrin Hatch R 202-224-5251, UTBernard Sanders, I: 202-224-5141, VTPatty Murray, D, 202-224-2621, WAMichael Enzi, R, 202-224-3424, WYThank you so much for caring enough to call and take action! Remember "We The People" are in charge!Respectfully,Sheila MatthewsCofounder


Frances said...

Mothers Act! How sexist, isn't there a law in the US about gender/sex discrimination, if they expect anyone to take it seriously it should be rename Parents/Guardian Act.

This is quite horrifying.

Ann ODyne said...

I can't wait to read JahTeh's comment when she gets here.

Today I am pushing for Animal welfare and need everybody to visit this site which will post you a divine Mothers Day Gift for your Beloved Mother, and the purchase funds the fight against animal cruelty in Australia ( a LOT of which there is - just Guugle "bobby calves" if you think the milk industry is not cruel).

Middle Child said... is really scary i agree...

Ann o'dyne - being a country girl I know exactly what you are talking about...I have no illusions about where from my food comes...will look at the site.

FoxyMoron said...

Well I have often said, when a horrible case of child abuse/neglect/murder happens that people should have to have a license to have kids. But that is just ridiculous. How about parenting classes in high school? How about kids knowing the real truth about being a new mum or dad? How about not paying parents $5000 plus to have a baby? How about having a baby not being romanticised on tv etc? I was totally unprepared for motherhood when I had my eldest at 19, lucky for me I could read, had a good role model in my own mum and I had a kind heart and good head on my shoulders.

jacqui boyd alden said...

When I read this I thought there must be more to this than meets the eye, as this really doesn't seem like the USA I live it and I am not a great lover of it.

Seems it actually a bill to help educate mothers (and the public) about post postpartum depression which is not acknowledge as a true medical condition in most states in the USA. As usual the right has got hold of this and twisted it in usual logical way. See link

Having witness the gradual disintegration of another woman's mental health and marriage through neglected ppd treated with a variety of medications and diagnoses (none of them ppd), I can only hope that some form of universal health doctrine is applied. The 2 other people who have been failed by this so called medical system over here, are the twin girls who were conceived after many many years of infertility and treatments. Now they have a mother who addicted to alcohol and whatever cocktail of drugs the doctor is giving her now and a father driven from the house because his wife has paranoid delusions about him and his life.

In the UK, I had a friend who had a PPD who ended up in hospital convinced her children were devils. Fortunately it was recognised and with the appropriate care she was soon home with them. They are now thriving adults. In the USA, they end up like Andrea Yates or the woman in North Texas who microwaved their child to get rid of the demons within because TX doesn't believe PPD exists.

Sorry if I am ranting but it was easy to find the additional information on the web, just by typing in The Mothers Act USA and not relying on some conspiracy forum which seems to be full of nutters.

Middle Child said...

Read Jacqui's comment...there is another side to the story, I was sent it by someone who is usually a reasonable person and admit to not checking it out further. When I get back home from twon tonight I'll check out "The Mother's Act" as mentioned by Jacqui and see for myself.

Thanks Jacqui its appreciated...always should get both sides of the story and make a decision.

Sara said...

Because I'm too lazy to look into it further myself I have to thank Jacqui for doing it for me. Good to read two sides. I wonder if the first was put out by the Scientologists? They seem to be vehemently against the possibility of the existence of PPD. One of them just gave me a flier in Spain! They're everywhere!