Monday, December 01, 2008

This time it was only a harmless green tree snake...

I walk with my eyes down to the ground, around here in summer, but then at least I don't see the masses of Chemtrails they are lacing our sky with - to what end... these are not jet contrails as the jets are up much higher and the craft laying these are often visible to the eye and low down compared to the jets that fly between Sydney and Brisbane. No one has explained to me why a small town such as ours would have four jet planes in the sky at any one time all visibly laying these trails down and all at different tangents and directions. No one can tell me why I get a sore throat which comes on quickly and I know when I go outside they will be there and they are 100%.

The difference between a contrail and chemtrail is that contrails dissipate and leave only a small trail but these buggers go right across the sky and depending on wind they hang like mares time all joining up so what was a bright sunny sky becomes a dirty murky sky. For my Australian blog mates type in Chemtrails Australia or anything with the word in and you will see pictures of skies you will not believe. I know its true because our area seems to be hit so often. People need to look up and those older of us need to think about how blue the sky was when we were was total it appears as a washed out version. The authorities admit some of the spraying but say its weather modification - they have no right to modify the weather because they wouldn't have a bloody clue what the long term affects on the planet and our health will be with their mucking about. Gaaah! They make me bloody mad.
I remember the "scientists" from the Agriculture department telling farmers and councils it was okay to poison rabbits with 245T... my dad used to put it in the boot of the family car and with his bare hands distribute it the the farms he did work for. Its a major component of Agent Orange used in the Vietnam war...and while they were using it against the people of Vietnam and the soldiers from the US and Australia etc many of whom were drafted...they were extolling the virtues of it to Australian farmers. it might be said "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" in a pigs ring They know full bloody well what they are doing and always have...its about money power and the stupidity and corruption of Government who never protect the people unless there's a buck in it somewhere.


FoxyMoron said...

I am going to do my on research into this, but so far it's scary. Really scary.

rosemary said...

I remember the days before smog in California....but we had incinerators to burn our trash and garbage in and blew exhaust everywhere. So, we were the generation that grew the smog.

Sling said...

What part of the weather are they controlling??..All those bright blue skies?
That's crazy.

Team Gherkin said...

We have lots of those long trails here as well. The planes flying north or south out of Sydney actually pass us going west... they turn north or south over Dubbo-way!

Glad the only snake you've found so far is a harmless one. The local farmer out at Carcoar yesterday is carrying a gun with him when he spots his next one! Gagh!

Mal :)

Middle Child said...

Foxy... don't let it get to first I was sick with I just spread the information around...i guess I am hoping that the 100th Monkey syndrome will stop the mongreal who are doing this.

Rosemary, We did not do this smog and it is not just smog. This is being done with a purpose and its a worldwide thing. I see them too often because I am west of the town, which is where they always start, in about an hour the whole lot is over the town depending on the wind.

Sling, as far as i am concerned they are as bad as we think and much more. Its a joke to imagine that the authorities at a high level have any fellow feeling. Doesn't worry me, it just is.

team Gherkin, now you will look up, when you see one or two you are likely to see more that day.