Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every Christmas when the girls came home
we would all (4) play SCRABBLE....MACKAY rules which meant that if anyone was stupid enough to leave the table it was open slather to cheat (very character building)

This year I WON... big time and cheating...but every time Alison tried to think I guzzled my bottle of water...a bit off putting........ for Ali who is 'sensitive'

Melissa and Alison tried revenge but outclassed... I had already won.
And I knew I won honest and true...
Melissa was unsure and used a calculator...but I still won!
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Pat said...

All my very best to you and the girls in 2009 MC! You keep holding 'em and having tons of laughter with them, 'kay?

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

More drunken scrabble...?!? Hahahahoooohahahaaa!

Ann ODyne said...

oh you are having fun!
Keep it up.

Wishing you ALL,
the most excellent 2009.

Jules said...

I love traditions, however small they may be.
Happy New Year darling lady.

cs said...

you crack me up MC! I wish I could be there and play scrabble too! All that water though would have me running for the loo and you cheaters would sabotaging my squares. We are home shoveling heaps and heaps of snow AGAIN!
I saw on tele your Sydney fireworks--they were the best!
Love and blessings dear dear friend for a wonderful 09.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good time was had by all. Are you sure that was only water in those bottles?

Happy 2009 to you and the girls, let this year be one of growth and enlightenment

rosemary said...

Is someone cheating by using an electronic dictionary there? Happy, better, blessed 2009, Therese.

Sling said...

Those are some serious scrabble tactics you got there MC.
Sounds like a blast!
Happy New Year!

Cazzie!!! said...

Hehe, always wonderful when you are actually a winner!

Middle Child said...

EC...thanks... i will and the same back to you okay. was only water i swear...I drank two bottles...the drinks came later...

brownie...we had the best time as always when everyone else buggers was always like that...happy 2009 to you as well.

CS...i missed the Sydney fireworks...i was safely tucked up in bed by ten...ho hum...with the fan and ain con going full snow here was hot as hot.

Jacqui... i tils Mal it was was ...I would never win against those two young brains if I had any plonk...I always lose when I have a glass and play...I am amazed they didn't pour me out one...

Rosemary...melissa's dictionary is still in packing computer either...I gave her the 60th anniversary edition of Scrabble, and am now recorded as the numero uno winner... for all time.

Sling...Nothing outs Alison off more than people making chewing of drinking noises...It was truely driving her crazy - such fun.Good for the old noggin to win against the kids.

Cazzie...ssooooo good to win...staving off dementia still