Friday, September 19, 2008

The lovely Thorn's special spot... he used to rolland scratch his back here and when the grass was too long he would hide from me, or think he was because i could always see his one ear sticking up - he didn't allow for that... I forget the name of the tree but it grows quickly and is a shade tree... if I am here long enough I will get to enjoy the tree but someone will if not me.

Look at the sunset Alison photographed the evening of the day we buried Thorn. It was spectacular.
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rosemary said...

Your losses have been so great....and you have handled yourself with such grace and dignity.

FoxyMoron said...


Big Mama said...

Just know that you are being thought of.

Mom said...

God sent a beautiful sunset to celebrate his welcome to home to this wonderful companion.

Team Gherkin said...

That's beautiful [[[hugs]]]

Jules said...

Oh sweetie.

I hve been so bloody busy that I haven't been to other's blogs for so long.

I really feel your loss.

It must be a very lonely feeling time for you with your two boys gone.

I hope you are savouring in the memories and keeping strong (Kia Kaha)

Anne said...

What a beautiful sunset.

Thinking of you and do feel for you on the loss of your boy.

mirk said...

So sorry to hear this MC.. more bad news! Unfortunately no matter how many dugs (dogs) you have it never gets any easier.

All the best!

Cazzie!!! said...

Magical and lovely Therese, not sure what tree it is, but I bet it will be grand!
I remember Thorn used to try to save his toys from your mower in that long grass. Nice memories to keep :)

Middle Child said...

Rosemary...thank you... never thought of myself as graceful...dignified yes(hahah) but graceful...thanks good friend

Foxymoron - yes it is beautiful

Big Mama - I appreciate this thanks

Mom, thanks Mom... what a beautiful thought.

Team Gherkin I need all the hugs I can get...and who better than from one of you lot... : )

Jules - its okay we have to live and the blog place has to be second to real life. At least the magpies are still here (sigh) what does "kia kia "something mean?

Anne - it was beautiful Anne, very beautiful

Mirk so good to hear from you me old matey. Are you blogging again?
Its their eyse Mirk that get to me, Doggies have such soft vulnerable happy in the now eyes and you only havwe to move and they are ready. he was such a wonderful dog. I can't believe he's gone, but pleased for thim...he was sick.

Cazzie...ah I had forgotten that post when he resuced those toys and put them all in a pile away from the blades...I lost the tag offa the tree, but its a fast growing one... I know that much.

Sling said...

That's a lovely spot!
I'm sure Thorn is well pleased.

Sara said...

That seems about perfect. :)

Citymouse said...

Sling is right a lovly spot. Very sorry for your loss.

David said...

You have my empathy. May his memories bless you in surprising and beautiful ways forever.

Middle Child said...

Sling I know he is pleased..and if ever you are in Aus there will be a chair and shade out under the tree which they promised would grow quickly into a shade tree.

Sara same for you as well and it si perfect for the most handsome and gentle dog on the planet

CM thank you...Thorn thanks you as well.

david..thank you and also for the thoughts... I shall tell Thorne of your wishes when next I feel him sleeping on my feet.l