Monday, September 15, 2008

...and so to run in heavenly fields. The old doggie died here today while I was sitting with him on the floor. No vets or anything, just in his own dignified way and with little fuss. My daughter boarded the plane at about the same time he died, so she has yet to find out. She always rings me on connecting flights - in between and I can't pretend with her, so her next flight will be not very happy. We both prayed she would make it.

Last night I made a bed on the floor beside him and sat awake with him till 3am... as he seemed really concerned if he couldn't see me... he has been such a gentle dog, a funny dog, always starving, drooling at the sound of paper or plastic.

I have laid him in his leopard skincoloured bed and with his woolen Bilby. I made sure he looked as good as I could to lessen things for Alison as these two were inseparable for the first ten years... she always told him she'd get him back to the country and she did that. We were happy to have him and he came to us at a time when Don was getting sicker, and we needed his silliness, and has been my constant mate since Don died.

Don't tell me dogs don't have souls.
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Anne said...

So sorry to hear. I'm pleased for you that you didn't have to take him to the vet and he died with dignity. I'm sure dogs have souls as well.

How sad for Alison to not quite make it back in time.

MeHereNow said...

I checked back hoping not to read this. I'm sorry. I think he knew your daughter was on her way and so knew you wouldn't be on your own for too long.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh how terribly sad... at least you were with him when he passed away.. oh and snuggled with his bilby.. smiling through glassy eyes here... sad but happy he went with so much love..
Take care..

Cazzie!!! said...

I am so very sad for you all, and I am also so happy too, happy that Thorn had you there the whole time. What marvellous soul he was, and well, who knows where he is now? Let's hope he is now in a marvellous host sharing his love once again.
Huggs to you Therese (((())))

Janene said...

So sorry to hear this... I don't know what else to say....

FoxyMoron said...

What a wonderful Doggie Mum you are Therese, you sent your little mate off with so much love and kindness and dignity.
I'm glad Alison is going to be with you soon. I believe Thorn is with Don now what fun they will have together, both of them whole and strong and healthy again. I truly believe that.
Thinking of you all.

Mom said...

A big hug from me to you. I am so sorry. Heaven will be sweeter with this dear companion.

Sling said...

Goodnight Thorn..

Linda said...

Thorn can lay his head in Don's lap once again. Hugs to you, Therese. Linda (())

Jacqui said...

through sorry but now Don has a accompanion in heaven or what ever place we go to, once we are gone. Hope you are doing OK, its been a tough year or so for you.

Sara said...

Fourteen years is a long time for a big doggie. I bet he stuck around as long as he could to keep ya company in such tough times.

"...drooling at the sound of paper or plastic" made me chuckle. My dog can hear a block of cheese opened from two rooms over with the television on. It's funny the things they can associate with food.


Anonymous said...

Terrible news and yes, they do have souls.

AspergantuS said...

I am neither a Pastor nor a Preacher, and I certainly do not claim to be an expert on that subject, but I can tell you this: Animals become as much a part of the family as any other member, and the loss can be just as devastating.
Hang tough...

rosemary said...

I have a picture frame with my Charlie in says....Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.

I am so sorry....again....for your loss Therese. Thankfully your girl will be with you.

karisma said...

Please accept huge hugs from this stranger who cares. xxxxxx

Thank you, your story has given me hope that I will not have to make a vet decision myself! Our oldest dog is also not so healthy these days but happy! I would like to let her go with dignity and love as well.

May his spirit fly free with the angels! Peace and happiness to you and yours!

cs said...

am crying over this dear friend...i cannot type you

Eternally Curious said...

Fare the well, dearest Thorn. You were - and are still - very loved. Take care of Don now. And every now and again, lay a comforting paw on Therese and Alison and the rest of your "earthly" family to let them know you are still so very near and close to them, and always will be.

I believe you are right Therese - he (or at least his soul) made a choice. One too many of us humans are all too often too fearful to make. He lived consciously - and he chose to die consciously also. I am so glad you were with him. That's all he wanted, you know. We will all miss him terribly, but none more so than you and your daughters. Thank you so much for introducing us all to him, and for sharing him so generously with us. My heart, and my hugs, are with you all.

Middle Child said...

Anne - thank you - in a way I am glad she didn't in hindsight... the last moments were distressing to watch and she doesn't have to know or have that memory.

meherenow - you know you mosdt likely are right. he always knew before I arrived at the house that I was close - and why not with his main mother

wanna be slimma - He loved that woollen Bilby and it was the only toy he didn't wreck, he never so much as did more than lick it to death

Cazzie - I think he needs a rest first... but he will no doubt go somewhere lovely - back to us in the future would be good

jarene - thank you and "hello"

foxymoron - I am with you there - I dream about Don these days for the first time I can see him standing. It took a while....and no doubt Thorn is running like a young dog Don loved him and was so kind to him.

Mom thank you... no doubt this is true

Sling - thanks Sling and dammit I agree I was hoping for more time with him but he was just too sick

Linda thank you so much...

Jacqui - I think I am still sane, and no doubt people go through much worse. Thanks

Sara Thorn's drools were could slip on them there was so much

"that dude" thanks and hello

aspergantas - they do that - become part of family...and my family seems to be shrinking at a rate of knots latelt.

Rosemary - she got here and we laughed and cried and now she's back home.

Karisma - Thank you and hello to you too stranger. The doggie just needs to know you are in front of him so he can feel safe.

CS - I know you would be crying because of how much you love your Corgis - the faeries horses

EC - there is so much good common sense here and so much love in all these comments...thank you

Thank you all. I was doing okay till I started answering all these. You all made me cry, but good crying is okay.

JahTeh said...

At least he was spared any pain and you were with him.
It's been a year and I still won't get another cat because I feel the old dear is with me.

jin said...

I am so so so sorry MC.
I just saw this post today.
He's still right next to you in spirit... I can sense him! He will stick close to you for a long time. Until he's ready to come back to you in a young healthy pups body. Call me foolish, but I do believe that dogs are very capable of just such a thing.
*BIG cyberhugs!!!*

Caroline said...

So sorry. Tears drip. Of course they have souls--many of them of a much finer quality than humans.

Middle Child said...

- I will have to catch up on your blog-been a bit slack of late. Thanks Jin - I feel him about nothing seen or heard, but I know he is somewhere about. I will look for a new doggie after Christmas - I do love Kelpies tho

Caroline thanks - at times i feel beyond tears and then they come when i least expect them