Friday, September 05, 2008

A bit of an edit to the book

A long time friend of Don and me has been reading through my book and began editing it...I'm still laughing at his advice to go through and take out all the words such as "scum", "Bastard mongrels" etc that i shot in as my fingies flew over the key board. It felt good at the time, but I guess I knew when i was writing it that there are more conventional ways of being insulting and that a cleverer use of the English language to imply "scum" or "bastard mongrel" might be more helpful in getting more people to read it. But I will leave in the odd scum and bastard mongrel, just for colour.

Don't know why I feel like falling about laughing over this - I was ever impulsive, and funny at 54 to be smacked across the knuckles again. Quite enjoyable really... nice to know that the crazy berserker I was a a kid still lurks and hasn't been consumed by the system.
I was always in trouble, but my intentions were always good, just could never handle taking shit from people


Sling said...

' But I will leave in the odd scum and bastard mongrel, just for colour,..

I think your friend knows whereof he speaks.
Certainly,there are more acceptable ways to define the character of less scrupled individuals than ourselves.

On the other hand,'Scum Bastard Mongrels' really does paint an accurate picture of a select few. ;)

Team Gherkin said...

You GO, girl!!!

FoxyMoron said...

Nothing wrong with a few "scums" and "barstard mongrels". I giggled at your post. Let's all never truly grow up okay?

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ha ha ha... I would have read it and loved it... thats rool Aussie language... Don would be proud.. hehe

cs said...

Yes, good advice MC. I emailed you...

We could have been sisters with this pix. I looked just like you! :^)

Middle Child said...

I am happy to take advice from mates....thanks Sling
Thanks Team Gherkin... I amd gorn already!
Foxymoon...its how we all talk so don't know why the worry but happy to facilitate for those who think its important
wanna be sinmmer "rool aussie language" I agree thats what I thought

CS - you looked like me as a kid...hmmm poor olde you