Saturday, May 31, 2008

I had some moments of pure paranoia a bit over a week back - this is understandable as I have been treading pretty heavily on some toes and its not my way to back away from a fight - I may go sideways, or retreat but if something is wrong then I have never felt it was someone elses' place to sort out my problems.

I do admit to sitting in the car on the drive out of town to home, and wishing that there was a White Knight - and then I come to the realisation that my own conscience is my White Knight - and I am sure I am getting help from somewhere outside of this dimension - I spent 35 years with a White Knight - and now its my turn to be his.

I had booked my VW van in for a full service etc, something I do because its 1996 and I know things are getting worn - as it was that set me back over $1,000 which I am still reeling from - there were a lot of things wrong with it - new brake pads, new fan belts, door seals to stop the rain from pooling etc etc -

then the mechanic who has worked on this car for some time said that my brake cable was almost severed. I asked him how this could have happened and he said he'd never seen anything like it ans it was all caught up in the workings of the inside of the wheel. I was on my way home from the street stand I have been on gathering names for my petition and I am always emotionally shaky after that - he jokingly added "You don't have any enemies do you?"

I don't know if anyone has any mechanical knowledge out there but is it possible for the brake cable to get tangled in the workings of the wheel and to be almost severed...?

If so then that has to be a design flaw, but these VW's are pretty safe vans with a lot more care in their design than others - If it can happen accidentally then just unlucky and sooo pleased it was discovered before I got out on the highway - but then a thought snakes its horrible way in and I wish I wasn't having that thought - I sort of hold to the thought that when you are giving individuals and the Government a ;lot of curry that it is the done thing to give you a bit of a warning to lay off - so I figure that someone was not trying to make me run into a telegraph pole - then I am not sure -


Pat said...

Hmmmmm.... I'm not so sure, either MC. Don't know quite what to think...

mirk said...

I don't think you need to worry MC the brake cable is just part handbrake.

The more important part are the brake pipes they work independently from the handbrake/cable and it is this system that stops you while moving not the brake cable system. Hope that helps :)

Middle Child said...

EC I didn't know what to think till Mirk enlightened me

Mirk - thanks... why couldn't the Mechanic tell me that - or do they enjoy putting the frighteners up us? I knew it wasn't anything but a cold finger of doubt inched its way in there - thanks for chopping that finger off.