Saturday, May 24, 2008

EC has tagged me...
List 5 things in my bag:
Bach Flower Rescue remedy Spray, Headache tablets, small book of family photos, One brush and many combs, my purse which spews small change when I open it.

List 5 favorite things in my room:
My books, ( I love my books ahhha!); A horseshoe shaped wooden desk which has my treasures in it; A pair of glasses worn by my maternal great grand mother born in the 1850’s; A mother of pearl hand mirror used by my maternal grandmother – I look into it at times and imagine her looking into it, and then my own mum and now me and some favourite photos.

List 5 things I've always wanted to do:
Lob a bag of fresh cow shit at all politicians, just to make them smell better.
Have cups of tea bought to me as I lay on pillows out in the winter sun.
Travel back to where my own mum and dad were buried and not tell the rellies who live there.
Be able to live over a certain day back 12 Jan 1982 when I could have easily stopped Don from going to work.
Have four or five kids… Happy with our two but would have loved more. I loved being just a mum more than anything.
List 5 things I am currently into:
Blogging with you lot and loving it just for PLEASURE
Painting and drawing just for PLEASURE!
Fighting a non working Gov system to gain justice for what my husband suffered and what my small family still suffers.
Holding myself in a hug at night so I can get some sleep.
Revenge… pure and simple folks. No explanation needed.. just for PLEASURE.

Now who can I tag?
Team Gherkin
CS’s spot


Team Gherkin said...

Gagh! I've been tagged! Get it off me! Get it OFF me...! lol

Mal :)

Middle Child said...

Tagged Team Gerkin and lovin it!!!!