Saturday, April 26, 2008

When you're on your own...

posting picutres of your dog is a big event....

worthwhile because he's more loyal and decent than most human beings I know.

And he follows me wherever I go without question
Always looking out for "DANGER" or food with about the same vigilance.

I really do love the lovely and handsome dog Thorn... he's such a good doggie.
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Cazzie!!! said...

Thorn is such a lovely doggie, and I am glad you have him.
Your place is such a gorgeous trnsformation from the rain! Look at that Lilly!
I lvoe the you tube clip you put on of Waltzing sure is a wonderful song, so true too.

WT said...

Hi, I just noticed a comment from you asking if I was from Willow Tree, you left it a while ago, but the blog you left it on is just for testing (for the Tamworth Vet Hospital). So the answer is 'Yes' I am from Willow Tree (although not originally).

My actual blog is here.

Take care,
PS. We are the same age.
PPS. Nice dog.