Sunday, April 27, 2008

This letter appeared in the Port Macquarie news…

Anyone who feels strongly enough to majke a short reposnse...would be appreciated
Here is the letter

“Dignity for medical profession"
Tuesday, 22 April 2008Posted By Anonymous
As a health professional in Port Macqaurie, I would like to comment on the campaign launched by the Mackay family to denigrate the medical treatment Don Mackay received at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Do they really think a member of the health profession goes out of their way to mistreat someone? In fact, day after day we are there, 24/7, to care for all the patients that present for care, regardless of their social, racial, or medical background.

Sadly, every so often a person presents who believes that despite their multiple co morbitities, the medical profession can and will be able to perform some miraculous act and save their life.

Unfortunately, sometimes despite every effort,nature intervenes and we are left to accept that there are some people whose time has come to die. I fail to see how it is in the interests of the rest of the community if the people we trust in our time of illness and real need are disillusioned and disheartened by the ungragrateful and self-serving expectations of the minority.

No wonder we cannot recruit enough doctors and nurses and other health professionals to care for our sick and infirm when the likes of this campaign are poisoning the community.While I am quite confident that a full inquiry, should it be deemed necessary, will clear all involved of any wrongdoing, I regret that we in the medical profession are not miracle workers, and are just doing our best like the next person.

Perhaps we as a community should be informed of the extent of the compensation being sought by this campaign, so we can make our own judgement. It may clarify some issues for all!”
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The last paragraph is shocking along wth the rest. I really need some comment on this as it impinges on us all and on Don’s right to treatment… we have not lodged any financial legal action against them at all ...

This is where you go to reply

UPDATE - even as I posted this I received this email from the editor of the POrt Macquarie News (on Sunday)
"Hi Therese,
The letter has been removed from the website.
I'm afraid I am on holidays however I have forwarded your email to our GM.

She's usually spot on regarding these issues and I doubt that that letter would have slipped through if she were aboutm as she knows the issue inside out and has been very helpful.

I still hope that the author of that letter has to be indentified as the family is 99% sure of who it is by his turn of phrase... if it is who we think it is then the content of the letter becomes more important.


Caroline said...

I hope you were able to set him straight.

Middle Child said...

Caroline, see the update on this post above...even as I was posting the paper withdrew the letter...its a start. Thanks

Sling said...

It's easy to see why this person chose to remain anonymous.
..and were they suggesting that you might be assuaged of your grief by way of monetary compensation?

cs said...

I agree with Sling. If this person who posted the article had a close relative die the way Don did, he/she would eat every word posted. It ironic, but a strong majority of the medical professionals get into it for the $$$. Not many work slums or rural areas, you know? Food for thought.

and PS your pix below are gorgeous. I want to sit and watch Thor run through your fields.

Middle Child said...

Sling if even here I weren't afraid that the mongrel doctor who wrote that didn't read blogs I could name him...he's the slimiest creeping Jesus you could imagine and I know why he knew Don's condition so well...

am going to try to get the PM News to give us his name as I don't think they should have allowed him to be gutless anon.

Middle Child said...

CS thanks...I am coming to the thought now speaking out what I felt and "knew" when Don was in hospital that he became a Lab Rat for them and that the procedures they did on him knowing how he woul never survive were done to test how they would work...I do know this now, proving it is going to be hard..

Team Gherkin said...

What a gutless sod that guy seems to be. B@$tard.
You have my support, Ma'am.
Mal :)

Ann O'Dyne said...

It appears to me that the letter's author mistakenly thinks you wanted the hospital to CURE Don.

This is the sort of person who misses the fine print in contracts.

I do hope the upset they caused you passed quickly.

Middle Child said...

team gherkin... thank you

ann o'dyne upset became a triumph...will post

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Just shaking my head... Some people just dont get it do they...
It would have to be a docotor to add that last piece.. they are all for the $$ issue not always the vicitm...

kateeighty said...

Some people really do not think before they open their mouths...