Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maybe a web page.

It was suggested to me yesterday by someone and by others previously, that I might set up a web page re what happened or what was done to on, and have a place where others can send in their stories. On the street I have heard too much so that have been overwhelmed by the anger and sadness out there. More practical t record this than to just let it wash over me.

Also its almost been a year since Don was killed, and I realise almost every second post has been about this... which is fine for some... but may be easier for others to have this in its own spot apart from the odd post when something major happens.

Now have just got to find someone up here to sit down with me and take me through the web page set up. That may take a while.


Team Gherkin said...

I've created simple, free webpages for myself, the Sailing Club, and various other stuff over time. I could possibly help you out giving you some long-distance pointers, if you like? Feel free to email me maljam2002@yahoo.com.au , but only if you feel comfortable to do so.

Mal :)

Cazzie!!! said...

The first part of the first sentence ion the second paragraph just made me go "Hoooooo" in a like, suck-in-the-wind-way..reality strikes.... omg, it is so true.
yes, a web page is a good idea Therese..and so this blog can be just about your lovely heavenly place and lovely doggir Thorn :)

Middle Child said...

team gherkin... I may do so... but it'll be JUne before I am able to stop what I am doing long enought to get it together... I appreciate the offer and may well take you up on it one day.

Thanks Cazzie