Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Monday.
Today is one of those achingly beautiful days that you try to remind yourself to remember. There is a soft misting rain, and the sun is out here and there..all the trees are hanging droplets looking like multi coloured jewels, and dripping gently...its cool and quiet. Don is asleep...he goes first to the local hospital tomorrow all going as it should, and then Sydney. I really hate things getting out of our control, and hate being away from the bush about the house. I am in no way moved to travel, I see this place fresh every morning early (am a very early birdie), and its like its all new again for me. I am lucky this way I think.
I had an odd dream the night before last. It was so real. I was amongst family in the present time. But my 29yr old daughter was there as about 4-6 yrs of age. SShe had on a really wwell worn cotton T shirt nightie she used to love, which seemed to grown with her. As a child, if we had family visit, she would sometimes wait for me around corners and jump up into my arms and give me really good hugs...for no reason. IN my dream she did this over and over and it was wonderful. Each hug felt like it was lifting something...but I could smell her skin...all kids have a different smell.
(found this photo of her in that nightie - 1985)

It was much more special that how I am telling, she was not the wellest of kids, and always had a soft touch, easy to pick up and eyes you could drown in which seemed to be too old for a little kid.

(this has absolutely no relevance to this post but I just found it again...was taken about 6 months before Don had his accident and Melissa was 6 and Ali 3...Don was 32. It was very muddy. Alison used to wonder why she was sitting over by herself - sob- But I'll have to tell her that there's a bloody great uncomfortable bit of metal sticking up in between her and Melissa - they do love you Alison!!!)

Our eldest 32, was in the dream and as usual she was happy and smiling with her great flashing smile and lovely dark blue eyes, but she was the age she is today...odd dream.
In the dream I felt right. That things were wonderful...a gift dream I think.

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