Sunday, April 08, 2007

Australian Idol a few years back

- she is a "great" not many ofthem about...but they only want the chicken squawkers, who can only sound like Celine Dion, or Britany whatever her name is, or some Mo Fo from whatever wherever... but they have to be THIN...Casey is not thin and thats what people in our airhead world seem to focus on...not taletn and gift, but appearance.

Sling raised the subject of American idol and some singer called Sayanta or sommat

"Casey Donovan was nominated for an ARIA award last year as part of the highest-selling album category (alongside Missy Higgins, Anthony Callea, Delta Goodrem and Guy Sebastian) but the singer has become a high-profile victim of the "chew 'em up and spit 'em out" philosophy behind Australian Idol.
Donovan, who won the second series of the reality show, publicly revealed last week she had been dumped by major record label Sony BMG. But when S approached the company to work out what happened to Donovan's career, a couple of Sony BMG contacts first insisted they knew "nothing about it". (Apparently the decision came from the very top and was yet to trickle down to other staff.) Later, a Sony BMG representative said: "Yes, she is no longer with the label."
But a family friend of Donovan, who has known the singer for years, has revealed the behind-the-scenes reality of the Sony BMG dumping. He said Donovan was given the boot in March. "But that's after they strung her along for a long time," he said.
"The official reason she was given was [because] of their extensive Australian roster, they didn't feel they had the time [for her].
"I think she got railroaded."
A tentative plan had been put in place for Donovan's next album, but her appearance outside a Sydney court (while placing a restraining order on her father) earlier this year is said to have influenced the record company's call.
"She certainly doesn't fit their image, put it that way," the family friend added. But he said it was family issues, rather than any concerns about Donovan's physical appearance, that affected the record company's decision.
The good news for 18-year-old Donovan is that she's now taking time out to reassess her career - and work things out with her family - and she is considering offers from at least two independent labels.Source: The Sun-Herald"

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