Sunday, April 08, 2007

American ?
Something I am curious about.... and raised in a comment with Mirk...

How come it is that Canadians live in North America but are Canadians.?
Mexicans live in North America but are called Mexicans ?
Peruvians live in South America and called Peruvians?
Brazilians live also in South America and ...yes Brazilians ?

But Americans live only in the United States and are never called United Stateians...but Americans as if they live and own the whole North and South of America...?

Is it just me or is this wierd stuff?


BwcaBrownie said...

and everybody from Oban to Omsk is called 'European' when they are scottish german swiss russian etc.

Game on! now we will call Mexicans Guatemalans Chileans Paraguyans and Bolivians - Americans!

rosemary said...

We are an arrogant bunch of folks aren't we!!! Actually, while we do call ourselves Americans, we also identify ourselves in some areas by either our states...Californians, Idahoans, New Yorkers...or by the geographic areas...Mid-westerners, southerners, Easterners....The "American" came from the naming of the places discovered by Vespucci or Columbus landed here....The Americas. I really enjoy your comments, they are always right on with what I am trying to say. As for the Tudors...yep, Henry was a miserable human being but he has been romanticized in history and that is probably why the attraction for us "Americans!" aren't kitties the most wonderful pets/people?

cs said...

And why are people called aliens when from another country?

And aliens, aliens when they are from outer space????

woof <:0>

Sling said...

I think it goes back to wheen we were trying to get rid of the designation of "colonists"..I do know that many South Americans resent us calling ourselves THE Americans,as they consider themselves Americans too.