Friday, August 24, 2012

Traded in my VW van today...

I haven't been on here all that much of late...just needed a bit if a break, but I feel more like it now...I think I was just going through something where it was simpler and easier to get up on Facebook...whereas it takes more effort in here but as with many of us who have been here for a while the effort is worth it.

Don and I in about 1987 you can see our VW  - green in the background)
Don and I bought a VW Microbus in 1982 - we had ii till 2003 but in all those years it was unable to be air-conditioned because the motor was just not strong enough. This was a disaster often for us in extreme hot weather as Don had no internal body temperature control (peculiar to Quadriplegia) and more than once we came close to having to go to hospital because he got overheated inside the Van. So in 2003 we bought a 2nd hand VW transporter had belonged to Ann and Dennis Hill ( and ( Dennis was the producer and director and from what the paperwork which we were given when we bought the van of Skippy...Yes we had a Skippy van! It was a good van but when it did break down it was always $1000...and we had many issues with it. But since I moved to Melbourne I have spent $4000 at least on repairs so thought to sell it... I have never liked driving little cars but surprised even myself by in buy
the Skippy van

Ali and i with the 2008 Nissan


then i noticed a spot!!!

think the kids wanted to leave after that!
So I bought on trade in of only $4500 of my van a Nissan X trail - yes a those snotty Toorak mums who would rather run  me over than go around...because "yes" they do own the road... But its 1 litre per 100 kms and it goes and after trade in it was $13,500 so have to pay it off...but I got a bit sick of getting towed by RACV and NRMA before them...I will as normal have it for a decade at least... or who knows if it gives no trouble it may even see me out!


FoxyMoron said...

All the 4WD mums up here are called Fiona, so we don't get them mixed up at all.

Middle Child said...

Fiona hahahah down here they are called the Toorak mums - could have chosen a smaller car at the same price but maybe I might want to do some trips one day and I like bigger cars...I'll put politically incorrect stickers on it so they won't think I am a Fiona

Andrew said...

Looks good. A friend has a newer model and is very happy with it.

FoxyMoron said...

Good idea about the stickers.

Kerstin Shed said...

At first, I thought what you did wasn’t cool, considering the vintage standards of a VW bus. But hearing your reason changed my mind. The Nissan X-trail might not be too iconic, but it’s a car which can definitely intimidate other SUVs. Great deal!

Tyra Shortino said...

A wise decision, trading in your old van with a Nissan X-Trail! Although you should have been open to more choices before making a final decision. The Chevrolet Equinox is also a 4WD. It has plenty of interior room and adjustable rear seats. Plus, its better-than-average fuel economy is mostly what buyers look forward to.

Tyra Shortino

Middle Child said...

Hello Tyra - Just made a snap decision but so far so good -

Stelle Courney said...

If you can trade your previous car for a much better one, why not? It’s really great to come to a decision like this because the car you have right now really looks beautiful and seems to be in tiptop condition. Plus, you didn’t have to pay a lot for it! It’s really commendable! :D