Sunday, August 12, 2012


Back Home and the cats are still talking to me amazingly. I arrived back here late Friday. I had a wonderful time visiting my daughter - I am lucky as our girls are my best friends as well and am always so relaxed with them and they seem to like me being there. As well I got to meet up with the two best friends from high school. We hadn't all been together for 41 years and it was as if there had been no time in between. We laughed and gossiped for was wonderful. One lost her husband when he died suddenly at 42, then a few years after that she had breast cancer. Other things which are private and yet she is still the same...has the same heart. I believe you do have a choice, no matter what can choose to not become bitter and a misery to those around you, or you can choose to grieve but still to be a happy person. When I got home and picked the cats up they were a bit unfriendly as it had been two weeks in the slammer for them...but now back to the normal walking on the keyboard and sitting on the mouse and router at the wrong time...

Melissa and another Handbag

Gwen and Pam two schoolfriends

Enjoying the sun and being waited upon


FoxyMoron said...

So glad you had a good time away, it's good for the cats to get used to it too so you can go away and not worry.

Ann ODyne said...

that meeting with old schoolfriends is terrific and they both look so lovely too, and thank god those poor kitties are out of that cat slammer. X X