Sunday, June 10, 2012

A sliver of sunlight this morning was really nice to come outside to but the clouds are returning. I am amazed how green things have gotten. I am used to most of the rain coming in the warmer months so when I moved to Melbourne in December and saw how dry things were, how hard the ground was after the lush wetness I was used to I thought this was as green as it would get but here in winter is the rain and things look so beautiful. One thing I really love is the colour of all the trees as they are dropping their leaves. So much colour and even in the middle of the city in the parks are yellow and orange carpets around the trees .
We went to the Mesopotamian Exhibit on Friday and it was amazing to see up close things I have only ever seen in books which does them no justice. Its a strange feeling to be so close to something that people have held in their hands and carved  - some of them back as far as five thousand years ago. I was really impressed by the big wall sized carving of some battle - there was so much detail and the horses, lions and men seemed as lifelike as anything I have seen ...and more so than most.

I had read a lot about this area and time in the past but to see it on such a scale, the maps of the area and the old city names was really something for a history lover like me. I was lucky really because for a couple of years I had a history teacher who actually loved her job and left me with that love - that's about the highest praise for a teacher I think as there were too many who just didn't care much. One like Sr Marion is all you need to set you on a life long love of learning how and why things got to where they are today - something that I will never achieve but will learn a whole lot in the process.

I am looking forward to visiting my eldest and her husband in a little while. She is in my head a lot these days. I don't know if others are like this but when you have a couple of kids, when you are living near one, the one you are apart from is in your head more consciously and in the reverse when you are with the other one. Her husband came out of hospital and we all breathed a big sigh of relief, but still has a way to go.

I came home last night from the pictures to a total of SIX cat vomits on my carpet - the last being just bile...only trod in one in the dark...couldn't get angry as poor little Cuss seemed so sick - then she got all hunched over as if she was constipated... ( I have an idea what might have caused her to be so sick)  - then for the first time in our years together she pooped on the floor and not in the kitty litter. Then she just went to sleep - This morning she seems fine - She's sitting on the printer, except when she is trying to walk on the keyboard - or her favourite - when she sits right smack bang in front of the screen. I think she's trying to tell me something. But when I do stop and pat her or talk to her she turns around and puts her tail in my face and skulks off "Mission accomplished".


Andrew said...

Gee your son in law has had a rough trot, and it is not like he is old. I would be terrified of a cat on the keyboard. If they get the right combination of keys...

FoxyMoron said...

Cats and computers what it is with them? Glad Cous is feeling a bit better.
And gladder that your son in law came out of hospital I was wondering about him.
I envy you living in Melbourne, love the museums and galleries there.

jacqui boyd alden said...

Ugh! Cat vomit! We have one cat who will puke up once a week on average so we have these yellow/orange stains all over the carpet. She is particularly bad if her allergies are playing up. Hopefully next year we will be putting down wood flooring downstairs so at least that will be easier to clean up.
My other cat is the PC bluff and always when I am working.
Austin always surprises me how green it can be especially with the encroaching desert from the west. We had a pretty damp winter for us but we are still only 50% full with the area lakes and now the hot weather will be with us until late September. Fingers crossed we get at least one tropical depression pass by before then.