Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dad's anniversary

2nd Oct 1919 - 17th June 1969 - Rest in Peace Dad!
Its 43 years right now since my Dad was killed in 1969.  I remember the night as if it just happened. It was mid winter and Mum had cooked a potato pie. It was in the fuel stove oven. I was having a bath - we had to carry the hot water from the copper to the tub and I was first in...a big deal then. I was getting dressed in the bathroom when I heard loud knocking on the door. Dad was hit by a drunk driver only 100 yards from our home. The driver got off - Money helps - a valuable lesson at 15 in how the system protects the rich against the working class. Dad was a gentleman...very funny, decent and worked like a dog...he was happy just to be with us and it showed. I can see his blue grey eyes before me as clearly as if I had seen him yesterday. 
Dad (left) and brother Matt in about 1940

Mum and dad on their honeymoon at Gosford

Dad with Anne
In about 1964

The fam outside the toilet - a choice spot for a photo

A favourite - taken of dad Sunday sitting on the woodheap in the sun reading the papers...mum and Joan with him


Andrew said...

Quite tragic. I don't recall seeing a photo of your mother when she was younger. You don't seem to look alike.

FoxyMoron said...

Gosh I can see Therese's mum in her for sure!
Your dad was a looker too, no wonder your girls are so gorgeous, they got the best of you and your parents and of Don as well.

Middle Child said...

Andrew its funny really Mum and Dad both had almost black hair - I was blonde till I was about8...I am looking more like mum as she was old but she was smaller than me at times.

Foxymoron - Dad was a beautiful man and sadly no colour photos of him. He had the best head of curls in the family...beautiful dark long eyelashes which the men at work teased him about and the best set of shoulders (from hard work)