Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Home now

A visit to Windsor NSW
Melissa and I near Windsor NSW
I have just arrived home from visiting our eldest and her husband...only a short visit but it was wonderful. Just to do something as simple as watching TV with people I am comfortable with is a novelty...not sure what my son in law thinks of me in trackie dacs under a blanket watching their at present favourite series "Foyles War" wine glass within reach...but he seems comfortable with this mother in law... I can't be anyone different than I am. I was made really welcome and so happy to see them especially as when Melissa saw me when I got off the plane she burst into tears. Its been a hard enough time for them both and I know from personal experience what it is to have to adjust as they are having to. I at least had had my kids when Don was injured so badly....even though its more work they always seemed to lighten things up a lot. Kids I think actually keep you younger, because you just can't get too set in your ways when they are about.

Melissa clowning about

I had a couple of days there where the winter sun was out and no breezes so just to sit out in the sun like that was wonderful. Back here its a lot colder although today the sun is just glorious and spent a bit of time out there with Alison.
Its funny, when I am with one or other of the girls I miss the other one more. I would give my eye teeth to have them both close. I am actually really lucky because they seem to like my company and along with the love between mother and child they are my best friends and there is nothing that we can't talk about. Also because they really are the only one who remember how it was at home with their dad, the fun we all had, the trouble he could cause if there was cause  - and what he got away with... One day Alison said that what she missed the most was his wit. She would phone up and be sad about something and he would talk with her in depth about whatever it was then I would hear him making up stories or telling jokes and she said when she got off the phone he'd have had her chuckling again... added a couple of photos of Ali which i took just before I went away. Back home now I have enrolled in a Tafe course just to refresh what I did last year which i most likely have forgotten... with a view to picking up some work later this year.
Melissa took an actually decent photo of me for a change

Chris with his own little growth Sooty - who seems to be permanently attached to Chris

Melissa and Chris

The view down the back of Melissa's place - it was something just to be able to see the sun set on the horizon - something I really miss
Out the back of Melissa's place
Alison and Andrew

Alison with Tiger

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Ann ODyne said...

horizons and husbands and cats. lucky.
and I do love Foyle's War - a rare delight in a sea of rubbish on TV.
Gentle meaningful stories.
Like this blog. X X