Sunday, July 03, 2011

Finally I gave away Don's wheelchair - it was very hard because he was in it for so long - but then i reasoned that he didn't love his chair - it was a means to an end and someone else will get some quality of life out of it as these days disabled people are treated like crap by the government and wait years sometimes for chairs and mobility aide - but hey.. we need that darn stupid soon to be outdated NBN  broadband - think how many people suffering isolation because they haven't got a wheelchair, or can't afford a decent amount of care...garrrgh! If we were civilised these would be at the apex of the triangle of needs.

I met another long term Quadriplegic, yesterday when he and his wife came to pick up the wheelchair – He looks as tired as Don used to do and guess what! His Doc said maybe you have “Sleep Apnoea” (thats what they tell all Quads who are tired - thats what they told don and another from over near Scone -and that ignorance contributed to their deaths - I told him to post haste ask for an X ray to check the lungs – I felt so much for him because I can see how tired he is and I know that look. Hopefully he can get decent treatment.

I went out to Wauchope cemetery today as it is Don’s 61st birthday tomorrow but I will be away seeing the girls for a few days – it is so peaceful and beautiful a place...Just as I was about to leave, feeling sad – a tiny little grey bird came and sat close on the next headstone and just sat there looking at me for minutes – Don loved birds and planted trees that encouraged them – I know it was just a bird but sometimes I wonder. Mum died on the same day 4th July 91993) and we were close as she was lovely (lucky me) but is not a day to be on your own the three of us and husbands will be together - didn't plan it  - it just happened

Now i have decided to  sell and move to Victoria the house seems to be showing me how lovely it all is. I will never have a place as peaceful and beautiful as this - outside the long blue shadows rest upon the paddocks away to the horizon and there is a feeling that there is something more here other than land and grass and sky...

but I just can not do another winter of long nights - can not be apart from my family much longer and can not really afford the upkeep of this lovely place of healing.

Some shots -
1. My favourite thinking spot at the table
2. The back room with the seldom used exercise bike - what was i thinking of?
3.Don's office spot and his computer still works - Brownie might see her "Aunty Jack" promo up there on the wall - it was our theme song along with a few dozen others
4. the view out the bedroom window
5. and out the bedroom door -
Its a house of windows and light.

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FoxyMoron said...

I love your house and property, it just looks so lovely and serene. But you know it's time to move on and I have a feeling you will find somewhere just as beautiful but in a different way.
The little bird at the cemetery, many things like that happened to us after Sarah died, but kind of lessened as the years passed although even now on special occasions things happen that make us wonder.
Glad you'll be with the girls and their blokes tomorrow Therese. I'll be thinking of you.
And strange to see that wheelchair without Don in it as we've seen in so many photos. But glad it can now help someone else.

Anonymous said...

good luck with your move- its the right thing to do. How is the housing market in Australia? When we tried to sell a few years ago, the realtor told us that basically the house has to look like no -one actually lives in so strip any personal stuff off the walks and make it look like a show house. However, as the housing market was down in the bottom, no one actually came to look at the house. Next time they will have to look at all my stuff and see it as a family house and not an empty shell.

karisma said...

(((HUGS))) I don't think you will have any problems selling, the house and property is gorgeous. Many people seem to be moving this year. We are thinking about it as well. Its a great year for new beginnings I think. Good luck and many blessings to you. Happy belated birthday to your Don. My daughter celebrated her 21st on the same day. A special day all round me thinks! I am glad the wheel chair has found a deserving new home. Hugs xoxo

Ann ODyne said...

oh darling - I'd pay good money to see you thrashing that exercise bike!

and that bird was definitely a message - I do believe.

JahTeh said...

You are right, it is the upkeep which gets harder as we get older. It's a lovely place but all the good memories are locked in your mind and they'll go with you.