Friday, July 22, 2011

Back home all safe... I hope.
Made it through the medical system and still alive - have to admit to many tears while waiting in the trolley - not because I was afraid but because I could only imagine what Don was feeling as he was wheeled through doors like this and saw faces looking down at him - for me they were kind caring faces - as they should be... for him they were not. They didn't care less what was done to the frail vulnerable quadriplegic man who's life was in their hands and they showed that over and over. Not to worry it will all get sorted out in the great wash up. I took some photos lately about the place. We had a frost the other night and until about 8.30am the ground was white and so beautiful...the air was smelling so clean and everything had an amazing feel to it although a bit chilly. I am really going to miss my "Craggy Island" - but were I told tomorrow i was not able to move I would be really down so this is the right thing to do. To what I go forward to I have no idea but hey, when I was a teenager this would have been seen as adventure and I did not have a dollar to bless myself with. the Real Estate people were to come out here to take photos today but it was raining so they cancelled - not so good to take photos in the rain - so when the sun came out just for the moment I took these and they were happy for me to put them on a CD and bring them in so they could at least get started - these at least are not artificially widened as too many real estate photos are - we have all seen those! So took some nice piccies. In town I ran into six people in a row who i had not seen for ages and no doubt will never see again - one of them a bit of a political enemy came to me and just hugged me - so unexpected! The others all showed extreme kindness - it was bizarre. I came home physically and emotionally exhausted - but the tiredness could have been because of yesterday's surgery. I will get the results next week - crossing fingies and toes.

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FoxyMoron said...

Wow what a frost! The house looks lovely Therese.
Crossing fingers and toes with you for good results all around.

Shrinky said...

Your place is beautiful, so light, bright and spacious! I'm sure it'll sell in a heartbeat. Hope the results are through by now, and it's all good news? I can imagine how odd it must feel to be saying goodbye to everything you know, but what an adventure awaits you..!