Saturday, May 28, 2011

Feeling a bit better...
Its been a funny week - nothing has been resolved re the high BP - except I have more drugs which aren't working - what is supposed to last 24hrs lasts 10 hrs so I try and spin it out to at least 12 hours and then take the new drug which also only lasts about 6 hours - Its frightening how high it can get before you feel anything - as usual with many GP's the doc is casual about it - but my sister a long time Renal Dialysis nurse has told me to get it down and to push the issue because apart from diabetes it is one of the main causes of Kidney failure - I trust her expertise more than his because my experience with the GPs who handled Don was abysmal. I wish I could do without going to them at all but sometimes you have to - am looking into natural stuff as well - any ideas - I know Beetroot juice is supposed to help and believe it or not Oat porridge - I am not over worrying about this but I don't want to go down the pill path like my poor mother was forced to do - one drug causing her to need another - and it appears we have a similar make up physically.

What humbles me is that Don lived daily with the real fact that he might not wake up in the morning for over 10 years as his condition worsened this was more apparent - he would sometimes just enjoy staring at the sky and watching the birds and trees - or other things we most of the time forget to do - and it seemed to me as if he was quietly memorising things - faces, pets - he took his time  - and he never expressed that he was afraid - which he must have been. A lesson - he lived in the moment! Something I usually do - trying to shut out the "What ifs" - 

The difference probably was really that he was not alone - and he knew I could act pretty fast when needed - 

I am off to see Pirates of the Carribean - the new one - can't remember which one - I have to admit Johnny Depp has to be one of my favourite actors down at the wonderfully old fashioned Plaza theatre in Laurieton (NSW) - they still charge under $10 to go and the big theatre has columns, statues and lighting like they used to have when I was a kid. Funny Don and I were actually at that theatre when we heard that Princess Diana had been killed - I was too young to remember much about Kennedy - remember exactly where I was when Armstrong walked on the moon - (how many Australians remember where they were when out own PM Mr Holt drowned - HM?)

Melissa and Chris didn't make it up here as only an hour out of Sydney a petrol tanker exploded into flames before them - so I am soooo grateful they were not next to him - nobody was which was a blessing. The poor driver was taken to of all places RNSH Burns which is the next ward to where Don was when he was dying. I hope this poor bugger gets better treatment. Melissa and Chris sat there on the freeway for the next 5 hours - then had to turn back because it would have taken them another 5 hours to get here and Chris just couldn't do it as he is not recovered from the amputation yet and suffers a lot of pain.

So at the end of the week - my daughter and her husband were spared - from what could have been a real tragedy for our family and I thank all the powers that be - I am grateful that both my girls and their husbands are okay and in love. I am grateful to be living where I am - I am grateful for so many things in my life - being blessed with parents who loved each other and us unconditionally - a husband the same and daughters the same. How good is that?


Andrew said...

Perhaps you should rename your son in law Lucky. He hasn't had much of it. Doctors now seem to be a specialist referral centre rather that treating medical conditions. Armstrong, at school watching on a tiny black and white tv. Diana, at work with radio earphones in. Holt or Kennedy I can't remember. Elvis, about to get out of the car to put petrol in. Ditto the pope that had just been anointed and died.

FoxyMoron said...

Same as Andrew re moon landing, in year 4 at Bass Hill Primary school watching on a b&w tv. Kennedy I remember strangely, lying on the vinyl green lounge on a hot November day in our house at Yagoona even though I was a pre schooler aged 4. He died on my current wedding anniversary and so did Michael Hutchence (heard that at Dapto station picking up Phill) Diana, of course, I was pregnant with Josh driving to Leumeah in Sydney to get take away for lunch and heard on the car radio.
Elvis, I think Mum came in to tell me when she woke me up in the morning. Wasn't at school I was working.
Wouldn't have a clue where I was with Holt, but I remember it happening.
Hope you get that BP under control soon.

Anonymous said...

So have you actually had any tests on your heart or kidneys to see if they are the problem? From your blog post it seem they are just trying a variety of drugs but not actually investigating the cause of the high blood pressure.

It was very reassuring to have an echocardiogram of my heart last year as it showed there were no significant problems and then last year my Kidneys were scanned when I had blood in my urine. Sometimes I think they tend to go overboard with tests over here but then I think I prefer that to worrying something serious was happening. Fortunately I have responded well to medication but it still a concern.

Hope you have better week.

Anne said...

It is more than good to sit and take on board the things in your life that you are grateful for.

Hope they ca sort out your blood pressure soon.