Thursday, April 21, 2011

"T'is the last rose of summer, left blooming all alone"

Outside this afternoon its still 25 degrees but is well into Autumn and this rose has been catching my eye for a day...there are others but this one is just so beautiful. Don and I had a friend Alan, who died a year before Don did - and we had known him since 1975 - he stuck after Don's accident...I can remember him all those years ago with his blonde curly mop of hair, becoming upset over a dark red rose which had fallen apart...he was comparing it to how life is...we were so young then - He was an artist who earned his pennies by window dressing store windows and self declared in the days it was a little dangerous to declare that he was "as camp as a row of tents" - He was pretty keen on Don in the beginning but sadly had to be disappointed as Don was really straight - I knew why he liked Don to look at - the way he was made -who wouldn't? I was never jealous - even if there was any risk its not part of my make up - I liked him too and many is the time he came down on my side when Don was being a bit too blokey.
Towards the latter years they would talk for ages on the phone each abusing the other, but with no malice - the day Don found out Alan had just gone to sleep and died (maybe a stroke - we never found out) he rang me - I was visiting the girls in Sydney - and he cried and cried. We have many acquaintances in life, and some friends but for some of us there are only one or if lucky two truly good friends - people you would trust your soul to. Alan was this for us...and we could talk for hours on any subject known - history, religion - (or lack of), goings on etc - like Don Alan did not suffer fools gladly - and both having the same last name there was something of one in the other - but so different in many ways. We only have one photo of him and it was taken in the early eighties -but he never seemed to change apart from a few wrinkles.A perfect rose like this always brings Alan to mind. I know Alan would like to be remembered in this way and I think he would be surprised at the preciousness of that memory for me and I don't really know why apart from the fact he was such a good decent and funny person and a stayer...
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FoxyMoron said...

Gorgeous photos of a hippie (not old though!) garden.
And lovely memories of your friend Alan.
Only one rose in our garden at the moment we cut them back hard but one bloomed anyway.
I can imagine Don and Alan up there debating something or other.

Middle Child said...

Foxymoron - thats true - you know yesterday morning I had the radio on - they usually have a bit of old rock and roll on but out of the blue they played "The Last rose of Summer" and I know its just a coincidence - but I looked at Alan's photo and Don's and it just felt as if I had been given a little gift from them

FoxyMoron said...

Isn't that amazing? But you know I believe in all that stuff.
I used to work for the display department (window dressing) in Myer city store in Sydney, I was secretary to the manager. One of the best, and most entertaining jobs I ever had. And some of the sweetest men I ever knew.