Sunday, February 21, 2010

Old photos from my sister Veronica.
This first one is me when I was fifteen - I could pass for 25 at least and no doubt did...but no opportunities m
uch in a tiny country town of 1,000 in the late 60's. I was never someone to whom fashion meant much at all - we didn't have the cash for that anyway. Mum bought these jeans and jumper from Fosseys - a cheapo clothing store in many NSW country towns...I was pretty happy with these - THEY WERE JEANS rather than slacks...that was enough. My sister is in this photo but she's not so friendly to me these days and I rather think she would find something to complain about should I post the whole photo - sad really, because I remember this day so clearly. This was one of two photos taken - the other was of us standing...maybe one day I won't have to hold back. This day we went to the Glenbawn Dam for a gathering - it was organised by the Catholic Youth Group a wonderful nun called Sr Campion organised. I was not religious but this nun recognised that there really was nothing there for kids to do in our home town of Aberdeen...and she rectified there were gatherings minus religion - and no one was asked who or what they were - she did it for those of us who had nothing and no car (dad had been killed not too long before this was taken - so no more drives anywhere). But there was nothing Catholic about the gatherings and a few trysts were concealed by those of us with no was such a good time after such a sad time. That nun will always have my gratitude because she actually cared about us practicly.

This photo was taken of Don and I - he aged 23 and me 19. I was about 4 months pregnant with Melissa. Its not a great quality photo but we didn't have many. It was 1973. I have cropped the photo because I had on jeans that were way too tight for anyone pregnant - but we didn't have much money for pregnancy clothes - that came soon after. For once he was beardless - this event only happened twice in the 35 years I knew Don...this time and in 1982 when in the Spinal Unit my sister Veronica shaved off his beard because when he had his accident he was in sea water and it had set up an irritation on his face...

I preferred the beard and so did he.
We visited Mum, Veronica Joan and Jackie, at a holiday unit in Terrigal NSW just after Christmas. I wanted to stay but Don wanted to visit his cousin Wayne...when we got there his partner was so bloody unwelcoming and rude I wished myself back - I was a bit of a wuss in those days and went along with a lot...but as time passed Don seemed to prefer being with my family above so called friends etc who wished we didn't come... ah! it all works out in the long run doesn't it?

Lovely times...


Ann ODyne said...

In the 70's the other chicks at The Star would have been calling Don a spunk. Old photos of happy times remind us to be glad of what we had, instead of sad for what we've lost.
Bless your soul dear Sr.Campion.

Anonymous said...

Fosseys! Yayyy, that is where Mum bought me my first pair of 3/4 denim jeans and a nice shirt with a belt for my first blue light disco..back when werribee was a rural area, lol.
I love that the Nun got the youth together to do things, that is perhaps what is lacking in towns need things to do. Then again, we found plenty to do out on the farm when we were kids, meh, I dunno Therese :)
Yeah, I hear ya about putting up with things, or just going along with them..only for-so-long..and then we grow up and we know we don't need that crap in our lives..yeah, I hear that.
And so, life becomes care free again :)

Andrew said...

Yeah, whatever happened to Fosseys? Lovely b&w photos.

Random Thinker said...

Nice photos. Don certainly was a looker. Some memories are as clear as though they happened yesterday.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Fosseys! What a flashback!!!!!!!! Very cool :)

Mom said...

You were a beautiful girl. Aren't happy memories a wonderful thing.

rosemary said...

I had to laugh...I have never seen Steve without his beard. You were such an adorable couple.....I love your old photos.

Middle Child said...

Ann O'Dyne - he was a spunk... I always did have good taste in men -not like my sisters.

Cazzie are you old enough to remember Fosseys? I didn't know it was in Victoria as well

Andrew - Fosseys was an institution

Random - he was as nice as he looked except when he wasn't!!!

Mal One day no one will recall Fosseys at all at all sigh

Mom - I was okay really but when young we don't see that.

Rosemary - Don with the beard I always preferred - this beardless state didn't last long - he didn't like shaving