Sunday, February 07, 2010

A big 50 Birthday Gathering.

In just over a week my sisters and I will gather to celebrate yet another one of us turning fifty. As of mid February only one of the five of us will still be under fifty and not far behind. When we all gathered after our mother died in 1993 we resolved to try and all gather and have a few days of getting together, drinkies and gadding about on happy occasions rather than just at funerals. This year my sister Joan (in the pink top) will be the one who turns fifty.

She and I were born on the same day but six years apart and I always used to tease her with the fact I had to share my birthday cake... When I turned fifty, six years ago we shared our cake happily...and Don ordered it and arranged and paid for all five of us to stay in a unit in town so we could have some time out as well. It was wonderful. And as usual wonderful of him to care enough to arrange all this. Not every one's husband would bother.

This year we will do our best to make this a happy time for Joan as she also lost her husband in a bus accident, and it will be bittersweet for her to compare how it is now to how it was this time last year.

These photos were taken just before Christmas 2006 and the one taken of my sisters and I has us all looking down as it was taken by Don from wheelchair height. Its funny when I look at old photos you can see the ones he took - he would usually make some remark - shit stirring - and take the photo just as we reacted.

So anyway only the three of us will gather this year in Joan's new house (she recently moved away from the old neighborhood so as to be a little less lonely). Melissa and Chris surprised us by saying they'd fly up to Brisbane just for the day - and their making the effort really made Joan happy. Melissa has bought Joan something very special which will no doubt make her bawl her eyes out, but she will love it as well...My other daughter Alison will be in the process of moving herself, down in Melbourne but made sure she remembered Joan this year. I am so pleased and proud of my kids - they don't forget things like this... like many twice their age do.

Sadly the other two sisters will be in New Zealand and as a Christmas visit was made by one to Joan its easily understood that its too far to do so soon after wards.

For everyone there are certain times of the year which are more emotional than others - we all have these times... but when they pass you really appreciate at least being able to feel honest emotions, be they high or low. I am really looking forward to this trip, to seeing my sisters again and my niece Alanah - also my own daughter. It gets a bit isolated out here, and 90% of the time I love being out here like this but of late its beginning to really bite and I need to be with people I love.

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Mom said...

I always felt a bit cheated because I never had a sister. I love my brothers, but boys are different than girls.

cs said...

Happy Birthday MC! Happy happy day sweet friend. You are one special lady and quite a mother and sister. Enjoy your time with your sis's and kids.


Sling said...

How cool to have the same birthday as your sis.
Happy Birthday Joan!

rosemary said...

Happy happy day!!! There is a resemblance there....your eyes. Have a great trip.

Middle Child said...

Mom... I could have done with a brother or two to make up for the dud husband's most of my sisters married - bar one and that was the one killed sadly.

CS thanks and its good to hear from you - hope alls well with you

Sling Yes but I had to discipline her when we were kids - it was my duty (ahem)

Rosemary - Even mum and dad had the same eyes but not related...

jin said...

Hi Therese!
Just wanted to pop by & answer your question.
I've not been posting the details because my family is still sneaking peeks at my blog & you know how that goes!
I am closing my business & moving to Florida w/my boyfriend (he's a keeper, methinks ;-). Hoping to leave in August for good. I'll have to leave a lot behind, but I am very ready to start over. This place has become toxic to me & my family keeps trying to drown me. I'll send you an invite to the private blog so you can read more in detail, if you'd like.

You know, many of your comments helped me drastically when I was down... thank you for being you!!! Your strength inspires me so much!!!

FoxyMoron said...

She looks pretty bloody good for almost fifty! Have a lovely time Therese, I cherish my own sisters, sometimes more than others. ;)

BwcaBrownie said...

Bless youse all
and wishing you many more.

Anne said...

Have a wonderful time with those sisters. I'm sure you will:-) Special to have the time with your sister which will help her get through her first birthday without her man. (Can also see the likeness around the eyes.)

Anonymous said...

See, wonderful times reflected upon...more wonderful times to be created.
Don would be smiling at you all...and of course, poking fun at you all to make you laugh :)
PS, almost finished reading your book hon. I have been carefully going through it, and re reading different parts. Partly because it is so incredulous what happened..and partly because I want to "get right" what I am make sense..if that makes sense :)

FoxyMoron said...

And I forgot to wish YOU a happy birthday MC! Hope it was, looks like it anyway. :)