Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some wildlife taken from my back door

Two kangaroos who come to visit late afternoon and early morning - maybe they are the mother and joey from last year - they are very watchful but reasonably tame as long as I don't move much or too quickly...

These are called Spoon bill something or others and flocks of these are found in the small creek which is just behind my house - I couldn't get any closer - they took off and i felt a bit bad as they were fossicking for food at the time - If you click on the photos they are clearer. This is not a pretty creek as its sort of mangroves and part salt and fresh...but so much life in there - plenty of snakes snails and puppy dogs tails -
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Andrew said...

Great 'roo photos.

Mom said...

For us in the USA these are amazing photos

Anonymous said...

Oh sooo lovely, I wish I was there!!

Sling said...

Dang..You get to have kangaroos in your back yard,and I don't...It's like you live in a whole other world!
Love the pics Therese!

Citymouse said...

Wow!!! that is so wonderful.. I want to invite myself for a visit!

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

The joys of living in 'the bush', huh? heh heh

Middle Child said...

Andrew - Thanks

Mom - they are for me as well

Cazzie - sometimes its just lovely here - when the snakes stay away that is

Sling - It looks pretty good to me when I see the photos of other places too. Its nice here - but I have learned not to walk about looking anywhere but down - along with the birds and kangaroos are the snake families - and they sort of keep me alert - still nice tho - the land was so cheap because its all on a flood plane - we couldn't have been able to live here otherwise - a few miles away on the high ground live the doctors and dentists etc...I feel lucky!!!

Citymouse - never visit in summer thats all - winters are to die for...summers hot as hell
Mal you're right there