Saturday, October 17, 2009

A all these months

this is the closest I have ever seen these cats sit without it being a flurry of flying fur and spit... They are not happy campers but considering the cat sitting lower is not allowed out these days - despite the cat bib - which meant nothing to her - things may be on the improve...Tiger the bottom cat has an almost 100%kill rate outside and i cannot handle the butchery of the birds - I mean butchery - she just goes mad outside and whole bird families are decimated - so she has to stay inside whereas Cuss (on top) wanders in and out not even seeing the wonderfully coloured birds which abound about our house...

I wake up each morning to the most incredible sounds of many species of song birds and others all singing together - its amazing the bird life out here and after seeing what Tiger does - I think I am going to have to investigate a cat run outside or something - she lives to kill...not her fault but am responsible to control her.

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