Wednesday, May 06, 2009

And then there was the small green tree snake...

I turned the tele on the other day and was "surprised" to see a small Green tree snake (non poisonous) timidly make its way out of the Television cabinet where it had obviously gone for warmth...

It could have been much worse but I wonder where they will turn up of the prices for living out of town...and loving it.

I just made lots of noise behind the poor little thing which was obviously scared and trying to get away, and finally it found the open doorway which was most likely where it came in from originally.

It was just the image of its hanging from the cabinet so snakelike with its little head have to laugh...i was imagining a long time friend of mine (we had our babies at the same time 31 years ago) who stays over sometimes for company, I as imagining her if we had been watching tele and this happened...She's from the UK she'd be on the ceiling....oh dearie me...I can't help but wish it had happened that way. She keeps telling me to get an electronic thingie that scares snakes away...which I won't do because if it affects snakes, it must affect lizards, birds, cats humans. It seems unnatural.

If I drive all the snakes and lizards away what will tackle all the giant rats that come from near of the creek and into the shed?


Mom said...

I hate snakes. I don't care if the thing is poisonous or not, I'd be out the door screaming.

Sling said...

I think you did the best thing.
It's a hard line to draw.
I think I'm entitled to my space,and if a benign natural intruder makes it's way in,it should be escorted out.
If it were dangerous,I'd smash it with a big ol' rock.

Anne said...

Thankfully no snakes over here. I would run a mile.

Just read your comments on my blog. Must be hard for you with your family living so far away.

iODyne said...

I posted at oDynes about my green treesnake encounter when housesitting next to a State Forest.
They slither up to small sleeping birds in the night and eat them.

Bliss Hill blogger has the liquid Vitamin C in her frig for her snake sniffing standard poodles. Get over there to her lovely blog.

iODyne said...

my GTS was at least 1.5m long' and tubby too. Minding it's own business when the dog disturbed it by rushing toward the door I came out of. It was pretty.

Middle Child said... must visit Australia in high summer then heh heh

Sling - makes sense to me...and how I do it out here.

Anne, yes I miss my girls...I wish they lived in the same town then I could move closer... not too close...

F G Marshall Stacks thanks for the vit c advice will get some. I don't mind how snakes look...but if something is a very black and red colour its usually a warning from nature to give it wide berth...the greeen tree snakes are quite pretty.