Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mike Adam's song about the bailout of big business in the US.
I have this newsletter in my email regularly...never thought the guy Mike Adams who is a health writer, was into rap but this song is a good one...
Natural News Insider Alert ( newsletter

This is what he says about the song...his regular newsletter is excellent as well
"NaturalNews Insider Alert ( newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,
We did it! With your help and support, something happened today that defies convention: The front page of the Wall Street Journal features a story about the song I wrote called I Want My Bailout Money, which takes aim at the bailout money con sweeping America. If you get a chance to pick up Friday's Wall Street Journal, look for that story on the front page. You can also read the web edition of that story here:
You can also hear the song at:
If you wish, email the writer of that WSJ story and thank him for covering the subject. He's a cool guy (Rob) who did a great job with the story and provided a lot of historical information and music and economic hard times. His email is located at the end of his article.
This kind of exposure never would have happened without YOUR support and goodwill, so I want to personally thank you for sharing NaturalNews stories, music, cartoons and other content that's helping to educate people about the truth of what's happening in the world today.
I find it interesting, by the way, that for five years the mainstream media has utterly ignored all the great reporting NaturalNews has put out there about vaccines, the cancer industry, Big Pharma, the FDA and other topics. Now, we suddenly get picked up for writing a song about the financial sector! It's a bit surprising, really, but perhaps it's a sign that the media is increasingly open to the ideas on NaturalNews that used to be considered "radical." Maybe one day the media will find the courage to write about the crimes of Big Pharma and the corruption of the FDA..."

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Janene said...

Love it... must send to Tommy now!! Have you also seen Zeigtgeist & Addendum... makes the blood boil!