Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where's that flat bottomed boat when you need one?

this mother and large baby Kangaroo sat here for ages till the water moved higher then they shifted...there are plenty of spots for them but they are basically encircled as am I...they may have to come up high with me if this continues.

Later this morning i took these...its slowly (thank goodness) rising
This is the paddock beside the house ...the water goes across about 40 acres beyond this out to the highway

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FoxyMoron said...

Therese is it still raining up there? Is there a danger of the water reaching the house?

Great shots though. :)

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

That's a LOT of water you're getting up your way, for sure!!!

Andrew said...

Great photos and clearly kangaroos can survive floods. They can survive slow burning fires, but sadly not infernos as we experienced in Victoria. Now that the human tragedies are being mopped up, time to give to the animal charities and the selfless folk who work so hard.

Cazzie!!! said...

Unreal images Therese, hard to fathom as with what Andrew says above.. one end is flooding, the other on fire, what a state we are all in!

♥Caroline♥ said...

wow, that's alot of water, hope your house stays safe!

rosemary said...

Catching up...happy belated birthday. I hope those area have started to recede. Your country has had enough misery of late. if you've got enough wine, you've got enough time to wait it out for the rest.

Anne said...

Fires, floods - it's all happening over there!

Hope your house is ok!

Random Thinker said...

Seems you are battling from one extreme to another there. But kangaroos, what a sight. Are they normally so close to your place?

JahTeh said...

The idea of the kangaroos moving up close is nice but I'm thinking along the lines of many snakes doing the same thing and you without Thorn the Wonder Dog.

I hope someone gave you gumboots and a large stick for your birthday.

Sling said...

It's cool that you get to have kangaroos in your yard,but DAMM!..I hope the homestead stays above water Therese.

Middle Child said... the house is on a big mound...sensible people built it 34years feet are dry.

Mal you are right there it was alot of water...for sure

Andrew...the though of thousands of kangaroos like this , koalas, birds destroyed is shockinh. I still have more problems with the faces of the ittle kids...its a hard one...I can feel for all I think.

Cazzie...Dorathea Mackella from 'My Country' ... " Her beauty and her terror, the wode brown land for me."

Caroline...alls well that ends well

Rosemary...plenty of wine...we visited a winery the day before for my birthday and chris bought a few cartons...they left me with one as they drove bottle that is...

Anne me olde home is foine...and the water has receded quickly...its beautiful here now.

Random Thinker...No they are usually quite timid except for the males at mating time..they will rip your bloody face off if you get in their zone...these two are out there even now...I turn my face away as i walk past them so they think I am not seeing them...they are so beautiful...

Jahteh...NO SNAKES...unbelievable...and yes I have gumboots they are black with white spots...tres elegante

Sling ye olde homestead is fine...thank you...had a chuckle at your term "Homestead"...its so american...tee hee we call it a house or home but a hmestead to us reeks of grandeur and house had neither...I love it as it is.